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Adeptia Healthcare HL7 Integration Solution

Adeptia’s healthcare solution allows data to flow seamlessly between healthcare and non-healthcare systems, whether on-premise or in the cloud. Adeptia HL7 data integration solution consists of the following key features:

A) Support for full HL7 and FHIR Data Standards & Message Transport

  • Adeptia provides a full list of HL7 versions and the message types.
  • Adeptia provides a full list of FHIR message types.
  • Validation and compliance of HL7 messages and reporting on any data errors, mismatch between schema and data, reporting and notification of errors to internal team and/or to the client.
  • Ability to preview and review incoming or outgoing data and compare it with the standards.
  • Support for MLLP/TCP, API, AS2 (Drummond certified), SFTP, MFT, MQ, SOAP, Email and other protocols.

B) Complete translation and validation of HL7 and FHIR data messages

  • Graphical data mapping interface for non-technical users
  • Supports automap, graphical notation to easily apply conversion rules
  • Data Transformation functions such as If-Else, Lookups, Value Maps, Aggregation to translate the HL7 & FHIR data to any format
  • Map multiple sources and targets (many to many) within a single mapping service
  • Data preview and debugger to verify that your data conversion rules are correctly applied or if there are any errors
  • Call REST APIs, Java programs, Database queries, Stored procedures and custom functions to leverage your existing code as plugins
  • Clean addresses to be of the same format/reference
  • Support for probabilistic match
  • Set up the logic and calculation for calculating the probability of match
  • For data cleansing use logic that looks at the Levenshtein distance of two strings
  • Support any data merge capabilities from multiple sources
  • Mapping produces standard XSL code for interoperability with other mapping tools
  • Automatic documentation of your mapping rules in PDF
  • Version control allows check-in and check-out of mapping services and shows all the revisions made by the user
  • Ability to save your functions globally so that other users can reuse the functions in their maps
  • Create base mapping and reuse it or make modifications and save the map as another copy
  • Filter records based on duplicates or other rules such as For-each to filter out exceptions and route them to an error handling activity in the process flow
  • Integrate HL7 data with SAP, EHR/EMR, Analytics systems, Databases
  • Convert HL7 or FHIR to EDI, flat files, CSV, Excel, XML, REST/SOAP message payloads
  • Connectivity with NoSQL (Mongo, Cassandra), Elasticsearch, graphDB, Redshift etc.

C) Complete B2B Trading Partner Management Portal

  • Define your B2B Trading Partner, setup inbound/outbound relationships with trading partners and configure event, mapping (translation) and target for your HL7 data.
  • Custom orchestrations/pipelines: Design and configure custom process flows with source, mapping and target. Also add additional steps to handle exceptions, sub-processes along with notifications. Use this option if the target is a cloud application. Here we can use Web Service or REST API as target. Another advantage of using the orchestration is that we can publish and host this flow as a Web Service within Adeptia (either as a SOAP or REST API) and thus enable your company to standardize on HL7 message exchange with your clients such as EMR/EHR’s, IT vendors, and healthcare providers.
  • B2B Integration monitoring dashboards show all the inbound and outbound real-time messages and their status. User can drill-down and search based on message ID, provider name, transaction ID, and also see if there are errors processing the data.
  • Adeptia Monitoring has multiple ways to provide monitoring metrics to external tools such as Zabbix and AWS monitoring. As part of our AWS hosting, we provide this capability as part of our AWS Hosting support. Adeptia also supports Email notifications. Adeptia also provides its own monitoring APIs that other tools can consume.
  • High availability and high performance are supported through Adeptia clustering framework.

D) Human Workflow to review and approve HL7 data

  • In some cases, your team would like to visually see and make edits to the data in order to process the HL7 data. Through our Human Workflow capability, we allow your team to design rich workflows that can route workflow tasks to your users and show the data in a web form. Web forms support both mobile and desktop UI framework so that it is easy for the end-user to view the information on their smartphone and respond to the task quickly.
  • Designing workflows is one of the key strengths of Adeptia where we combine both the automated steps of your HL7 data processing with human events that are needed in cases where the data requires review or modifications.
  • Adeptia also supports custom UI for your clients or partners to login and make changes to the data. For example, you want the HL7 exceptions shown to the originator, in this case say a hospital, and have them review and make edits to the data and then re-process that information.
  • Support of PDF is also important since the provider may want to provide supplemental information on the patient and where they can simply upload the documents as part of the workflow.

E) Using Adeptia Connect for faster onboarding of HL7 messages

  • Adeptia Connect is a secure cloud-based self-service iPaaS that lets companies publish and share data connections with your business network. Your clients simply discover and consume these connections from the cloud marketplace in minutes. In other words, your company establishes a HL7 data connection, your client is able to see that connection and subscribes to it through a self-service wizard and sends the data to you need in minutes.
  • Adeptia Connect allows customers to easily connect their internal systems with your systems seamlessly through a graphical wizard. Customer can route the HL7 data feed directly into your backend system and automate the process so that whenever a new data is generated the connection automatically is triggered and sends the data to your company.
  • Customer can also see the real-time dashboard and check on the status of the HL7 data feed going to your company.

Adeptia’s Healthcare Integration Solution allows your company to communicate more easily and effectively with other healthcare providers. Adeptia‚Äôs healthcare solutions provide seamless IT integration and connectivity between multiple public entities, healthcare providers, EMR/EHR systems, local agencies and central offices.

Here’s a short video on the Adeptia Healthcare Integration Solution for HIPAA, HL7.