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Adeptia On SalesForce AppExchange

Improving customer relationships is at the heart of Adeptia’s vision, and we have yet another example of how our product is making that happen. For business users of the largest customer relationship management (CRM) company in the world, it is now easier than ever to use our software to easily create business connections and automate business processes without technical expertise or manual data entry.

We are thrilled to announce the listing of our Integration Accelerator on Salesforce App Exchange, and we want to share with you a video of Deepak Singh, our President and CTO, discussing the significance of being included in Salesforce’s offering of trusted applications.

Deepak discusses the process by which Salesforce selects applications in order to verify that customer data will be secure with no vulnerabilities or problems, and he explains how meaningful it is that Adeptia’s offering is the only application that lets companies integrate Salesforce directly while keeping data consistent across all applications.

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