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Automated Payroll Data Exchange Made Easy – A Case Study

B2B integration has always been a complex process for end users, and the intensity of the integration scenario increases manifold when the data in question is financial. With advent of various integration tools in the marketplace, user is further confounded by technically intricate offerings devoid of a focused mission.

Any key player in the B2B integration market should come with a mission focused on providing customers with a B2B methodology to manage large and diverse customer networks. This mission should facilitate them to grow effectively, leverage their existing workforce, maximize profits, and provide superior customer experience.

We at Adeptia understand the complexity of the market, and have developed our solution that streamlines integration for financial sectors with a special focus on payroll. One such example is the way that Adeptia recently helped a major payroll service company address a major problem with client data onboarding.

What they needed was a solution that would allow them to onboard new customer data quickly while maintaining existing relationships effortlessly. It was not uncommon for the onboarding of new clients to take four to six weeks, with faxes, emails, spreadsheets, and phone calls making the process burdensome for both the payroll company and their clients. All the client data for every employee had to be checked and re-checked for accuracy — working hours, overtime rules, workers’ compensation, insurance plans, 401k withdrawals, and more. Even when a client was finally onboarded, the challenges didn’t stop, as daily updates were required to modify existing records.

With Adeptia, they were enabled to publish a library of turn-key payroll data exchange processes for all the different ways clients could connect with them. Each process was configured so that data entering it flowed seamlessly into the company’s systems in the correct format. With this, Adeptia has transformed how the company’s daily operations and client relationships function. With Adeptia’s “configure, no code” approach, business users can easily configure new profiles via user-friendly wizards, and it is no longer necessary to wait for IT to perform coding tasks with expert programmers. IT, on the other hand, can concentrate on providing appropriate governance and control of the system without getting involved in day-to-day operations.

This has led to a wide variety of benefits, including accelerated services, higher customer ease-of-use and satisfaction, reduction of operating costs, and a fast-forwarded revenue generation, to name a few.

For an in-depth look at some of the technical details and a breakdown of the benefits this company is currently experiencing, click here to download the Case Study.