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Avoiding Longstanding Data Lake Challenges with Large File Data Ingestion Capability

Ingesting, processing, and transforming multi-GB data into Data Lake is hard work and takes considerable resources and time to get right. Enterprise Data Lake frameworks might have become leaner & fast, but processing multi-GB data remains the same old drag. Enterprises need to rethink their strategy for consolidating all data sources and reducing this processing burden. Adeptia experts have developed a solution to address this need.

Adeptia large-file data ingestion, transformation, and streaming capability eliminates long-standing challenges with data lake creation. This solution provides data governance and data integration triggers that enable business users to integrate data marts and provide data to all IT constituents. Large file data ingestion capability simplifies multi-GB data streaming in a central data warehouse or data lake.

Pangs of Manual Data Processing

Many enterprises still rely on manual batch processing of data without machines or tools. This might be a cost-effective solution to an extent, but it is slow and error-prone. The data needs to be parsed manually and aggregated post-processing. This is a complex job which requires heavy developer support and IT intervention.

Big Data Appliances are Costly

Many enterprises also refer Big Data appliances for processing huge sources of data. But there are issues with appliances which many vendors don’t disclose. Appliances for electronic data processing require high setup which is expensive. Skilled developers are required to process data which further increases the cost of processing data.

Adeptia’s Large File Data Processing Capability

Adeptia offers a single gateway and unified data governance framework for supporting large file data exchange. This solution provides a self-service portal that allows users to perform complex data processing operations. Here are some of the advantages of using Adeptia solution over other approaches:

Real-time Access to Data: Enterprise technologies hold differentiated and siloed data which is quite difficult to be processed into the data lake. Adeptia solution provides quick access to large varieties of data types and pushes them into the backend of business decision systems. Historical data can be easily processed into systems for optimum decision making and product differentiation.

Robust Support for Ad-hoc Analysis: Adeptia provides intelligent controls, reporting mechanisms, and data parsing options to support ad-hoc analysis of data. The data can be identified and segregated without impact on performance.

Data Aggregation from Multiple Sources: Adeptia provides an easy way to assemble data from multiple sources in disparate systems. Data can be ingested from multiple systems into one single environment. In this way, it saves a lot of developer time and man hours that go into processing data.

Triggers to Address Conflicting Data Needs: Adeptia provides pre-built connectors for extending support to specific data elements and formats. It provides a single consistent view of all information. It delivers a global view of all data and addresses conflicting data exchange needs.

Connect with our experts to learn more about our large file data ingestion capability. Find out more about how Adeptia solutions can benefit your business.