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Beyond EDI, a Complete ERP Integration

Are you tired of having your teams separated and butting heads to get your data to seamlessly flow between your critical internal systems and your customers’ and partners’ EDI transactions?

“EDI is too difficult to understand.”

“I don’t’ want to learn that.”

“I’m not responsible for SAP.”

These statements are far too prevalent within IT teams and what business users need.

What if you could have a single integrated platform for all your EDI and ERP needs? What if your entire IT team could work and collaborate in a single integrated platform to effectively work with your EDI data and ERP system?

You could save time and money directly connecting your partner’s EDI data into your internal ERP system, no matter if that is SAP, NetSuite, or any other on-premise or cloud-based ERP system.

Let me briefly discuss how.

Adeptia is the backbone of being able to have a complete ERP/EDI integration solution.

Adeptia will be able to take care of the end to end integration by first being able to configure the transmission of EDI data to and from your Trading Partners. No, matter if you need to connect via FTP, SFTP, FTPS, or even AS2, Adeptia supports all the standard, as well as some advanced, communication protocols.

As you transmit your EDI data back and forth between your Trading Partners, you can also manage those partners and be able to track which transaction are for which partners. A dedicated trading partner management and relationship page can be easily configured with drop-down menus on which configurations are for which partners.

EDI Adeptia Suite

You get all the features of a full blown EDI solution, but where the real power comes into play is being able to use the flexibility and entire feature set of Adeptia, which allows you to directly integrate into your ERP system.

Adeptia’s application and ERP connectors will reduce the time to develop these integrations by utilizing our browser based solution and drag and drap mapping interface. Whether you are using SAP, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, or any other ERP system, you can take advantage of Adeptia’s pre-built connectors to make these connections in minutes.

You can visually see where the data is coming from and which element it is related to in Adeptia’s Data Mapper. You can preview the data and provide comments so all team members can collaborate and share information, so you do not have EDI and ERP silos. The mapping’s self-documentation also allows team members to automatically created PDF documents to share between team members and management.

Adeptia Suite

Once you have the connectivity to your ERP systems, your team can have a single place to go to share and collaborate on the configurations needed for both sides, EDI and ERP.

Adeptia can support any EDI version and related transactions, and by simply uploading a zip file that Adeptia provides, you can have all the schemas you need to integrate with your partners EDI data files and your ERP system.

As, you configure the connection to your ERP system, Adeptia can automatically pull the needed schemas to be able to get, insert, update, or delete data within your ERP.

Now, if you need to do more than just get or load data into your ERP from EDI files, you can take advantage of Adeptia’s Process Designer to build in additional validation, business, and/or exception handling rules. Any pre- or post-processing needs are also available to really customize how you handle your EDI and ERP data.

Adeptia Interation Suite

Adeptia takes you beyond just EDI and provides a complete EDI/ERP integration solution.