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Centralized Repository to Discover and Manage Services

In Adeptia’s hybrid integration option, the Web Service Provider interface functions as a centralized SOA Repository for discovering and managing all the published services. This repository provides a catalog of services with details such as:

  • Service Name and its purpose
  • Operations defined in a service along with their definitions and rules
  • SOAP or REST definitions of the methods supported in the services
  • Ability to discover a correct service for your SOA implementation
  • Security Policies associated with the service describing authentication and encryption requirements

Advantage of the services catalog is that it provides a framework for applications to communicate with other systems or data repositories in order to achieve seamless integration. Here is an example of a SOA Registry that lists out the services associated with Inventory management.

Inventory data management

For example the Product Shipment service provides information on the number of operations supported in this service and their related request/response metadata. Applications can discover appropriate service by searching through this catalog via an API that returns the catalog data when called. Product Shipment service can be invoked by any application that needs the shipping status of a particular order. Similarly, the forecasting service would take current supply and demand parameters as request and respond back with estimates for allocating future inventory levels.

Key benefit of a SOA Registry is to provide a resource for applications to discover and use services to communicate with systems and provide a holistic framework for data integrations. Overarching architecture for any SOA implementation should be based on these design principles:

  • Reusability of services
  • Dynamic loading of services in an orchestration at run-time
  • Providing user friendly dashboards and alerts for end users to monitor transactions
  • Meta driven service framework for rapid development, promotion and deployment
  • SOA governance by controlling access to services

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