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Converting Your APIs Into Business Services

APIs have become a key medium for exchanging business information between applications. As part of our Adeptia Connect platform, we provide your business the ability to publish these APIs as business connections for your trading partners and clients to consume in a simple and non-technical way.

Suppose you have an API that takes Purchase Orders from your customers and you need to integrate these orders with your ERP system for order fulfillment. As part of this example, your company can create an API in Adeptia and publish this API as an “Order Connection” in the Adeptia Connect cloud platform. In this connection, your company configures how the data needs to be mapped to your target ERP and also defines the source data layout that your clients can adhere to when sending the Orders.

Your clients can explore and discover this connection from the public app store of connections and can request access to use the service. Your company controls who can consume your service. Once the request is granted, all your client has to do is configure the source application and create the source Order file in the format that your connection requires.

Another option for your company is to let the client map the data to your defined target format. This self-service mapping feature in the wizard would allow you to transfer the task of data mapping to your clients. With proper documentation that is available for each connection, your customers can map and test the mapping before activating the connection and sending the actual data.

To learn more about setting up connections and publishing these as business services for your customers, watch the video below:

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