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You Need Robust Customer Onboarding to Set a Good Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a trusted measure of customer contentment and loyalty. It is a measurement of how satisfied customers are and how likely they are willing to recommend your brand or company to others. NPS quantifies customer sentiment toward your products or services. Simply put, NPS is a metric system that allows you to evaluate customer experience and helps you focus your efforts on moving the needle.

As the anchor for your customer experience, NPS groups your customers into 3 categories: Promoters, Detractors, and Passives. By continuously delighting your customers and turning around your detractors, brands can improve their NPS and customer satisfaction. For instance, you could let your passives know about new features by sending re-engagement newslettersor you could send emails to promoters offering special promotions as a show of faith. Engaging in such activities help companies boost customer value and create brand loyalty.

While there are a few different ways to improve your Net Promoter Score (NPS), an effective customer onboarding program serves the purpose by delivering a solid first impression in starting a customer journey.

It is a well-known fact that traditional customer onboarding methods are too complex and slow for modern-day consumer. Customers want results “now and now only”. By formulating a powerful, faster customer onboarding plan, you can increase your score.

1.Drive customer success with faster time-to-value: When the onboarding system is faster, the time between a business request and the delivery of the request reduces. In other words, time-to-value shortens, and the window of opportunity to impress increases. For instance, if you are an insurance company getting a new broker onboard, your broker customer expects a delay of a few weeks before they can begin selling your plans. Wouldn’t it be great if they are able to get onboard in a matter of few hours and start selling from Day 1, in turn getting an extra month of earning commissions? By enabling yourself with a customer data onboarding solution, you can effectively deliver memorable first experiences that ultimately boost your NPS.

2.Build trust with self-service data onboarding: A good onboarding solution allows you to onboard customers faster by enabling even non-IT people to make onboarding connections. As a result, customers can complete their onboarding and application journey in a self service way with minimum interactions. Additionally, your support staff does not need to rely on your IT team to process this data, thereby simplifying customer experience. As the journey becomes simpler, the level of their satisfaction increases by leaps and bounds.

3. Enable your NPS Champions to stay in constant touch: Customer loyalty is an ongoing endeavor. It is a time-taking process that calls for patience and strategy. Relationships with customers can be maintained if you are in constant touch and committed to improving their experience. To do this, NPS champions of your company need to see all data of customer interactions across departments and lifecycles. To enable this, your onboarding solution can act as a central data hub that integrates data from all departments and gives this intelligence to your NPS champions and enabled them to keep on top of customer activity and experiences. The key is to keep in constant touch with the right intelligence even after you have onboarded them successfully. Companies providing full support to existing customers are bound to improve their NPS score in time.

To conclude, a solid customer onboarding strategy is essential for any company serious about their NPS. By using a dedicated customer onboarding solution, organizations can deliver a delightful experience and ultimately improve their Net Promoter Score (NPS).