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Data Extraction from Unstructured PDF Files

Extracting usable, mappable, unstructured data from a PDFor converting PDF files into structured datais a tough nut to crack. Data organization in PDF suffers from multiple complexities. Often, data available in PDFs is not legible and is prone to errors while parsing. There’s no sense of a schema in a PDF, and schema mapping is another hurdle to surmount.

Further, images and columns of data need to be filtered out to arrive at usable data in the PDF. Even then, the usable data is unstructured and all over the place, and it needs a lot of firepowers to read, process, and map to make it actionable.

Extracting data from PDF using manual rekeying methods involve a lot of steps that make it tedious, error-prone and not scalable. Automated PDF data extraction by Adeptia, on the contrary, can greatly reduce the complexity and enhance the speed as well as the quality of conversions without much operational load and delays.

Adeptia provides an easy way for customers to convert PDF filesinto structured data.The need for executing custom coding and complex EDI mapping gets eliminated and users can drive data extraction tasks from unstructured PDF files at the speed of business.

Not only can Adeptia streamline the data extraction process from PDF files but also make it easy enough to be used by non-IT users. Rules governing data extraction from a PDF can be defined through a simple graphical user interface that can be easily used by business users.While data extraction is being handled by business users, IT users become free to focus on more high-value tasks.