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Data Integration with SAP

Adeptia provides full data integration with SAP. User can configure a client to connect to SAP and send IDoc. User can also configure Server which acts as a listener to receive IDoc from SAP in real-time. Also, make sure that your SAP Server is configured to accept messages from Adeptia.

Steps to Connect to SAP

Client connects and sends IDoc to SAP. Here is a snapshot of the Client settings in Adeptia.

Go to Develop > Solutions > SAP > Client

Data Integration with SAP

Server functions as a listener and receives IDoc from SAP Server. Here is a snapshot of the Server settings in Adeptia.

Data Integration with SAP

To discover an IDoc schema from SAP, go to Develop > Services > Schema > XML > IDoc Schema. 

Here is a snapshot of the IDoc discovery and then selecting the particular IDoc required for the integration. Enter a search key such as a partial name of the IDoc and click on Search. Open the drop-down and select the IDoc that matches your requirement and click Save.

Data Integration with SAP

To use the IDoc in a map, go to Develop > Services > Data Transformation > Data Mapping and provide a name of the map and open the mapper interface.

Here select the IDoc that you would want to read or generate and then apply your mapping rules.

Data Integration with SAP

You can now use this mapping in the Data Interface or in the process flow. Refer to the videos in the Support Forum on how to use the data interface or build a process flow.