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Data Onboarding and the Application Workloads Challenge

Customer data onboarding isa multi-tier and nuanced effort that involves more than just moving offline data to an online environment. The inherent challenges of customer data onboarding are often undermined by enterprises primarily focusing on its benefits. Data onboarding is not limited to simply forklifting applications on cloud. Conventionally, it requires a lot of restructuring on several layers for moving the application workloads. Much of the re-factoring or rebuilding during customer data onboarding can be avoided with the help of an enterprise class integration solution.

What is customer data onboarding and why it is important?

Customer data onboardng is the final stage of migration process. It inherently involves transferring offline data, I.e., names, physical addresses, phone numbers, etc. to an online environment. The data movement includes ingestion, anonymization, and distribution of data. It is a continuous process which helps in improving customer journeys and capturing long term business opportunities. Reliable connectivity provides the flexibility to serve customers in each new market.

Customer data onboarding and the application workloads challenge

Application workload is one of the major challenges that thwart the customer data onboarding efforts. An application workload can be perceived as a logical container that holds together the components essential for the functioning of any application. The components can be its processing power, storage, network connectivity, security service, active directory, etc. These components are not necessarily cloud friendly and many of them like Active Directory, logistics system, etc. are left behind during migration. Most of the enterprise application workloads have different architecture and design model than the public or private cloud applications. These components working in isolation make the data onboarding efforts challenging.

Onboarding enterprise applications’ is relatively more challenging as they are not natively designed for cloud environment. They run on a single server, end-user machine or front-end application server nodes. Special backup and disaster recovery procedures are needed to avoid network down times in many areas. Resources need to be switched seamlessly to respond to multi-site fail overs.

Enterprises require a strategic approach for safely onboarding workloads and maintaining bi-model connectivity with on-premise data centre. Teams should identify the application workloads required for onboarding and how they can be scaled for software and services. Bi-directional connectivity and two-way access will be needed between data center and cloud to handle and monitor applications and infrastructure.

Adeptia solution for customer data onboarding

Connectivity: Adeptia delivers seamless connectivity to support the movement of application workloads and ensure high-performance private interconnections. It helps in integrating cloud-related services, with on-premise enterprise systems without any coding. In this way, the solution improves the client onboarding process flow by reducing the work associated with application workload deployment and maintenance of components.

Agility: The solution replaces developer-centric approach to build data onboarding connections with a zero code approach. This advantage enables enterprises to create quick data connections & supplier relations and deliver services faster.

Scalability: Using the Adeptia’s data onboarding solution, enterprises can reach more customers without the need of investing in expensive setup and infrastructure. A single connection allows enterprises to build onboarding flows and share their expertise with customers.

Lower IT Cost: Self-service integration of Adeptia relieves IT from the task of moving application workloads. Onboarding can be completed with fewer resources and cost overheads involved. This allows IT to focus on other important technically challenging tasks.

With Adeptia, enterprises don’t have to setup and manage separate interfaces for customer data onboarding. Only one single connection allows teams to connect and share data with hundreds of partners in real time. It puts you on the right path to circumvent application workload challenge associated with customer data onboarding.

Contact Adeptia experts in case you require a robust solution for customer data onboarding.