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The Desolenator: Using Solar Power To Purify Seawater

At Adeptia, our goal is to make things better — and not just by developing great integration solutions. We’re committed to helping improve the quality of life for our customers, our employees, and our planet. Technology has transformed our lives by improving everything from healthcare to communications. But we can all do more, which is why we’ve launched a new series featuring technology that makes the world a better place.

Clean drinking water is essential for survival. But, in many parts of the world, from the deserts of Africa to draught-stricken California, it is becoming increasingly difficult to supply enough H2O to meet daily consumer demand. In fact, more than a billion people do not have access to clean drinking water.

But now, a British company has developed an innovative solar device that can turn dirty or salty water into that essential elixir of life.

“Our patented technology uses only solar power to purify water from any source, including sea water, and removing contaminants; which is especially critical in regions where natural groundwater reserves have been polluted or poisoned, or where seawater is the only water source available,” says William Janssen, founder and CEO of Desolenator.

The Desolenator is a portable device, about the size of 50-inch flat screen television, with no moving parts. It’s basically a big solar-powered container that boils and condenses water on a continuous cycle. This ingenious system uses the steam it generates to power itself. What’s more, it uses no filters, membranes, or pre-treatment chemicals, and does not require fossil fuels as a power source.

Janssen says his design is less expensive and more reliable than traditional desalination systems that rely on reverse osmosis. “This is an entirely new way of solar-powered desalination on both a small and larger scale, and in a way that can be off-grid and de-centralized,” he adds.

The Desolenator can produce 15 liters, about four gallons, of clean water per day, enough to support a family’s daily drinking needs. Each unit will cost an estimated $995, and is expected to have a 20-year lifespan. Plans are also in the works for a bigger unit capable of producing 1,000 liters of clean water a day.

The company raised more than $150,000 from an Indiegogo campaign, and is now working on a commercial model of its original prototype. “We plan to go to market in 2016 in Cyprus and California, which offer ideal test bed conditions for us,” says Janssen.

Moreover, Janssen adds: “When you go through the process of developing and experimenting with new ideas and end up with something that can really make a difference ‒ you want to follow through and see where it ends. It takes time and requires a huge amount of effort, but I believe we’re finally seeing the fruits of our work.”

“Too often, where we need water, we find guns,” observes UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. “There is still enough water for all of us ‒ but only so long as we keep it clean, use it more wisely, and share it fairly.”

In fact, the growing worldwide water problem has led the United Nations General Assembly to take action. The UN has explicitly called access to clean drinking water and sanitation “a basic human right.” A UN resolution calls upon nations and international organizations “to provide financial resources, help capacity-building and technology transfer to help countries, in particular developing countries, to provide safe, clean, accessible and affordable drinking water and sanitation for all.”

The Desolenator promises to help solve the world’s growing water crisis with a cost-effective and easy-to-deploy system that can be used anywhere in the world.

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