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Escaping the Order Capture Nightmare – A Case Study

In B2B integration marketplace, it is imperative that players take lead in solving persisting challenges for businesses across all markets. Many of these challenges involve diverse customer communities, silo’d B2B methodologies, over-reliance on IT for management of B2B processes, inadequate, or non-existent onboarding strategies, and technological resources without the vision and collaboration required to successfully execute on a B2B strategy.

Adeptia, with its robust solution for B2B integration, works with a similar mission to provide our customers with a proven B2B methodology. This approach is useful in managing large and diverse customer networks in a way that allows them to grow effectively, leverage their existing workforce, maximize profits, and provide superior customer experience.

To further enhance the experience, Adeptia launched a new series featuring how their solution can solve these B2B challenges for customers. One case study is about how Adeptia recently helped a major label and packaging manufacturer resolve an order processing nightmare.

With hundreds of customers submitting orders in approximately 50,000 different formats, the company needed a solution which would help them process the orders in a smooth and streamlined way.

After evaluating several tools, the company chose Adeptia’s automated order capture solution because it enabled them to accept and validate orders from any source (including APIs, XML, web services, cloud applications, portals, etc.) and in any format (for instance, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transactions, Excel spreadsheets, PDFs, Word documents, email attachments, etc.). Adeptia’s system dynamically reviews order data according to defined rules and alerts customer service representatives in the event that additional information is required. It then maps the data directly into the backend ERP system for swift processing.

Initially, the company had hoped to automate 60% of their processes. With Adeptia’s help, they have exceeded their goal with 80% of incoming order processes fully automated and manual data entry errors all but eliminated. The reduction in data errors has resulted in lower operational costs for error handling, and they have been able to reallocate staff from data entry to focus energies on strategic tasks. On top of being able to process orders in minutes rather than days, they can now achieve greater scalability with the ability to handle significantly greater transaction volumes with less staff.

To understand more about this order capture nightmare and see the benefits, click below to download the Case Study.

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