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How To Convert XML to CSV In Under 10 Minutes

Did you know you can perform an XML to CSV conversion in less than 10 minutes using our groundbreaking customer onboarding business application, Adeptia Connect™? While Adeptia Connect’s primary purpose is to fast-forward revenues for service providers, you can also use it to perform simple integrations and file conversions. In the case of XML to CSV, it takes just 4 steps:

  1. Choose where you want to receive your converted file. We suggest Box®, Dropbox®, or Google Drive® (in the video, we use Box).
  2. Specify the source file format and define the file layout in the connection source. Then, create a source file layout.
  3. Pick a destination, name the connection, and change the data format for conversion purposes.
  4. The source layout from the XML file will be neatly organized on the page directly below where you name the mapping.

Adeptia Connect integrates with outside connection sources and auto-maps source and destination file layouts, making the XML to CSV conversion a piece of cake.