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How to create Front-End web form?

This example shows how you can consume any web service through the Adeptia Solution. Specifically, we are showing how you can create a front-end Web Form

to send parameters as a SOAP XML request to a Web Service and then get its SOAP XML response, transform it to a non-XML format and route it to an email target.

You can use this example as a template to create any process flow where you need to call a Web Service and integrate the response to a back-end application.

Request parameters does not necessarily have to come via a Form, they can be mapped from an application, database or any other source origination.

How to deploy the process at your end:

Use the Migration Utility to deploy the zip file “” by going to Environment Promotion > Deploy > Upload this zip file

and follow the steps to complete the migration.

Now to use the example, please go through the following steps:

Go to Configure > Services > Form and create a form with two fields “zipcode” and “email” and link it to the WeatherService process flow. Refer to the Help guide on how a Form can be linked to a process.

Refer to the attached PDF to understand the design of the process and what each of the steps executes at run-time. The steps are explained in detail below the diagram in this PDF.