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The Infinity Gauntlet of Enterprise Integration – Let Technology Win Over IT Complexity

The Infinity Gauntlet of Enterprise Integration – Let Technology Win Over IT Complexity

Avengers: Infinity War is coming, and we couldn’t be more excited! Avengers: Infinity War will unveil the power of the Infinity Gauntlet, the all-powerful weapon that brings together the 6 Infinity Stones in the Marvel Universe. The Gauntlet enables the wearer to use all six infinity gems in combination, granting limitless power.

Similar God-like powers are needed in the IT world for eliminating islands of automation and addressing pervasive integration issues. You need to lift heavy data loads, teleport data into a multi-dimensional world, and solve any volume of IT complexity. To make this real, we have envisioned our version of Infinity Gauntlet — Adeptia Connect. Adeptia Connect holds 6 key features, or Infinity Stones, of enterprise integration that will destroy all your integration problems and put you on a path to faster revenue generation and cost-effective service delivery.

1. Reality Stone (Aether): Enables its bearer to alter the laws of physics on a universal scale. User can change forms and objects in a space.

  • Data Transformation: Empowers user to confront IT world metaphysics and execute complex data transformations without any coding. Powerful API led data transformation options use live feeds, search results, and traffic predictions to suggest recommendations and execute complex transactions in few minutes.

2. Soul Stone: Provides full control over all other life forms and souls in the universe. At full potential, a user can manipulate, steal and living or dead souls.

  • IT Governance: Delivers the ability to control systems, processes and technologies in a complex IT ecosystem. Allows users to set up an IT governance framework where users can align IT with business for enabling smoother execution of business strategies.

3. Mind Stone/ Scepter: Allows its bearer to access thoughts, ideas, and dreams of others. At full potential, the Mind stone allows user to read all minds in existence.

  • Self Service Integration: Adeptia Connect Augments IT efficiency with self-service integration. It leverages a zero code approach to allow users to seamlessly integrate complex applications and bring data from any target systems without heavy computational force involved. The solution enables a virtual path for easy API consumption.

4. Space Stone (Tesseract): Allows users to teleport to any location, move objects to any remote part of space and warp or rearrange space.

  • Data Transportation: Provides the ability to move data anywhere in a multidimensional IT space. The data can be moved between cloud and on-premise applications in a few minutes with simple clicks.

5. Power Stone/ Orb: Makes user more powerful than the Gamma radiated Hulk. It increases the physical strength and durability of all energy forms. Significantly improves the functioning of other five gems.

  • Comprehensive Integration Backbone: Strengthens IT architecture and enables users to lift heavy workloads. Allows technologies to work in tandem and optimizes their efficiency.

6. Time Stone (Eye of Agamotto): Gives total control over time to bearer. A user can upend loops of time and see past, present or future, and age or de-age beings.

  • Faster Service Delivery & Go-to-Market Capability: Accelerates service delivery and gives more control to business users over time. Offers pre-built connectors and templates to reduce deployment time by 70%. Integration happens in minutes and not months.