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Major Commercial Bank Improves Services with Adeptia’s Financial Data Integration Approach

A leading bank in the US faced an evolving set of data integration challenges while delivering financial and administrative services to its clients. With legacy systems, delivering financial administrative services, i.e., end-of-day trades, commission calculations, and financial statements to clients became a daunting challenge for the Bank. To address the business imperatives, the Bank re-architected its financial data integration framework with Adeptia Solution.

Long-standing Technology Integration Challenges

Custom Coding Applications: Manual coding processes to connect disparate endpoints were labor intensive and reduced developer productivity.

Data Conversion Issues: Clients sent huge volumes of financial data on a daily basis. With existing systems, the bank needed robust data integration software to map & update this data into the backend systems.

Data Errors: The processes to handle incoming data were also hampered by data validation and replication errors because of multiple sources of truth.

Adeptia Offers Market Leading Capabilities for Financial Data Integration

Adeptia Solutionoffered powerful integration accelerators to synergize systems & multiple data formats and increase efficiency & cost savings.

Single Source of Data: AIS offered one source of truth for managing the entire range of administrative services offered to clients.

Fully Automated System: A single platform automated transaction-processing systems and eliminated the scope for manual errors.

Data Conversion: The platform validated the data and prevented duplicate, inaccurate information from entering the backend systems.

Scalability: Enabled clients to submit bulk data files containing multiple formats. The system enabled the Bank to process thousands of files in minutes.

Configure, Don’t Code Approach: Empowered users to configure connections and perform integration and management activities.

Reusable Process Maps: Allowed business users to reuse process maps or business rules to onboard users.

Adeptia Solution is a centralized platform that addressed all the data integration needs. Moreover, the integration framework helped the financial institution to innovate rapidly and expand its service capabilities in a changing technology landscape.

View this case study to know more about the framework that is designed to meet current and future integration needs of financial institutions.