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Manage network of Oil & Gas supply chain partners

Complexity of the partners’ network in Oil & Gas business makes it difficult to manage the data related to the supply chain partners of the industry. It is important that the management of the partners is seamless and automated, yet it should be simple to use for a user who is not in routine with typical world of coding (information technology).

Intent should be to implement a tool that provides a business-user-friendly approach to effectively manage various client and vendors of the industry. The product should invite minimum human intervention to make it a good case for more effective management of the existing workforce involved in the entry of manual data. The product should be able to replace human errors invoked due to tiresome processing of the data from various partners. To reiterate the fact, the product should be simple for the user to understand, perform the job in less time with minimum errors.Adeptia provides a code-free approach for non-technical users to onboard and manage trading partners. Adeptia B2Bi’s Trading Partner Management Portal enables business users to manage clients such as Oil & Gas supply-chain partners more efficiently. This would help automating the manual process with minimum scope for the errors.

Companies can setup trading partners to receive and process data that relates to:

  • Oil & Gas Production or operation control
  • Pipeline Management
  • Terminal Automation
  • Back Office integration

Adeptia B2Bi Suite’skey highlights include:

  • Integration with PIDX messages
  • Pre-bundled PIDX data dictionary
  • Non-standard data formats from Trading Partners
  • Business rules applied through a graphical mapping interfaceimproves accurate billing and accounting
  • Improve planning, operation control and centralized monitoring