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Managing 4Vs of Large Data with Adeptia’s Latest Innovation

Large data sets are extremely valuable to organizations which have mastered the skill to leverage it properly. Large data can lead to substantial business breakthroughs driven by anytime, anywhere business data onboarding.

With an effective Big data platform in place, businesses are able to extract new insights or create novel forms of value that empower their business decision-making process to drive productivity and fast-forward revenues.

What are 4 Vs of Big Data?

As per industry analysts, data can be broken down into 4 primary characteristics:

Volume: The primary characteristic that makes data “big” is the sheer volume. And the volume of information in data is increasing exponentially every year. As per statistics gathered by IT experts, 2.3 trillion gigabytes of data is generated each day.

Variety: Data is present in all types of formats that may be structured, numeric in the traditional database or unstructured, audio, video, text documents, email, data from financial transactions, etc.

Velocity: Big data streams in very high speeds; it ought to be analyzed and utilized in real-time for a business to improve its decision making quality and efficiency, and accomplish customer-relation objectives within the scheduled time frame.

Veracity: Data should be clean and accurate; any discrepancies in data can impact the decision-making process. Veracity is referred to as the trustworthiness of data- how consolidated, cleansed, consistent, and current the data is.

No doubt Big data offer useful insights about the organization’s customer base, opinions, and views, its inefficient usage can pose a threat to the organization’s decision-making framework that may eventually reduce the overall efficiency and lead to compliance issues. Incompetent data management systems can give rise to a series of problems such as the frequency of system downtimes and errors increases by leaps and bounds. Further, the need for external support including money, time, workforce also amplifies.

How to Deal with 4Vs of Large Data Effortlessly?

Adeptia’s latest innovation, large file data ingestion feature, allows business users to take care of the associated predicaments of 4Vs of large data; it enables users to process multi-GB files and deliver output in designated formats.

It resolves multi-GB processing difficulties with the help of a single interface. The pre-built constructs allow dealing of data in real time that further reduces the computational complexity. Its near zero second latency capability enables users to manage torrents of data and extract value out of the four dimensions of Big data: Volume, Variety, Velocity, and Veracity.

What are the Benefits of Adeptia’s Large File Data Ingestion Feature?

Adeptia’s large file data ingestion feature offers enhanced functionality that can be used to monetize and support business initiatives. It allows processing and transferring of enormous volumes of real-time data to target systems or various users in an easy, quick and economical way thus leading to faster delivery that fast forwards revenues and delights your customers.

To gain more insights about the veritable gold mine of potential benefits of Adeptia’s large file data ingestion feature, take a look at our whitepaper today!