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The Many Functions and Benefits of Adeptia’s Hybrid Integration Option

For those getting acquainted with our products and services, we’d like to introduce the Adeptia Hybrid Integration Option. It is designed to accommodate a variety of disciplines in a single web-based application. The suite offers an array of benefits, including a single support team, easy usability and maintenance, and increased speed and efficiency. Regardless of the industry your business operates in, you should aggressively pursue integration at all levels and the hybrid integration option is one of the most proven and effective tools for integration on the market.

Integration is a Major Barrier to Success

A recent report from Econsultancy has revealed some interesting data regarding technology integration as it relates to business growth. According to results, 43% of company respondents (39% of supply-side respondents) reported that integration with current technology systems and softwares was the one of the three biggest challenges they faced when expanding their e-commerce business.

Integration is a major issue because of the discrepancies and functionality of systems across the board. One company may have dozens of different independent platforms at work, making it difficult to combine and integrate processes. The complexities of these issues have forced companies to move beyond the walls of their internal corporate structure and seek out professional integrators to help customize and assimilate solitary solutions.

According to the Technology for Ecommerce Survey Report, more than a quarter (27%) of organizations have used a systems implementer or integrator program in the past, while nearly 10% more are planning to in the future.

What Does Effective Integration Look Like?

Because of the incredible need for systems integration, a variety of tools, programs, and companies specializing in this service are popping up everywhere. The key for any business that is trying to find helpful systems integration is to learn what effective systems integration looks like.

An effective systems integration solution should allow new applications to be seamlessly introduced into a business’s existing platform, permit easy modification of current business processes, allow for additional delivery channels to open up, and automate processes that previously required manual intervention. Whether it is for accounting, billing, order management, payroll, production, or any number of other everyday activities, effective systems integration solutions should be able to resolve and simplify all aspects of a company.

5 integral parts to systems integration.

The best solutions will be able to do all of the following:

  1. Quickly identify and analyze business procedures, activities, softwares, and departments.
  2. Easily identify users for automation and integration, user resistance, number of users, etc.
  3. Collect and assess vendor and service provider information and analyze which applications and systems need to interact with each other.
  4. Identify the level of cost reduction that will take place after integration cost, additional revenue, etc.
  5. Analyze the existing infrastructure, network, hardware, and operating systems to identify necessary changes and improvements.

Hybrid Integration Option Overview

At Adeptia, we understand the need for effective business integration systems and have dedicated massive amounts of time and resources to developing a premier solution. Known as the Enterprise Business Integration Management Suite, this solution provides companies with a holistic software application designed to incorporate existing systems and promote healthy interaction between various processes. This web-based application is complex, yet easy to use.

Some of the capabilities and features of Adeptia’s Hybrid Integration Option include:

  • Trading Partner Management allows for easily accessible trading partner profiles and rules for handling both inbound and outbound relationships. These rules and profiles can be changed and modified with some simple clicks.
  • With a comprehensive, secure communications module that provides data security, encryption, and guaranteed delivery, managing file transfers has never been easier.
  • A process designer to help IT staff and business analysts collaborate on data, processes, and applications in a highly intuitive, graphic form.
  • With Task Manager and Workflow Automation, users can easily see which tasks are priorities, which are completed, and how much progress remains to be done on individual tasks. Manual tasks are now able to be automated and monitored with running data flows, real-time reports, and accurate analysis.
  • Other features include Document Management, Data Schemas and Protocols, Task Manager, Rules Based Routing, Real-Time and Batch Triggers, Custom Service Plug-In, and Web Services.

Benefits of the Hybrid Integration Option

Because every business, industry, and process is unique, it is nearly impossible to predict all of the benefits and problem solving capabilities Adeptia’s Hybrid Integration Option will introduce to your specific company. All we know is that each client of ours will benefit greatly from our business integration solution. Here are some of the benefits your company will likely see after implementing the hybrid integration option:

  • Central Management. The Hybrid Integration Option will allow your company to manage all connections, data flows, mapping rules, triggers, and formats for all applications, trading partners, and customers from a single, central product.
  • Web-Based. Because our software solution is web-based, it requires no download or software installation on your end. You can easily access the platform from any internet-connected device, anywhere. Furthermore, we have made everything in our software intuitive and easy to manage. We take a simple, 3-step approach: design the flow, configure the services, and deploy the solution.
  • Enhanced Customer Service. By improving speed and throughput of all processes, your company can eliminate errors and deliver on time, increasing customer service and satisfaction. This increase in customer satisfaction will lead to a decrease in lost time and an increase in cash flow.

Adeptia’s Hybrid Integration Option is a Smart Choice

If you are looking for self-service integration, data connectivity, and simplified business processes, we believe our hybrid integration option is right for you. Watch our short demo videos for a look at how our products work. Better yet, try a free 30-day trial and experience the benefits for yourself!

At Adeptia, we are leading the integration revolution with comprehensive products and effective solutions. With our Solution Development Platform, your business can usher in organization and consistency. Whether your business operates in the automotive industry, healthcare sector, or anywhere in between, let us help by providing easy-to-use, inexpensive products with unmatched functionality. We have already helped clients like Pepsi, Lincoln Financial Group, General Motors, Mercedes Benz, and Chrysler. Will you be next?