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National Mortgage Lender Boosts Financial Data Integration with a Hybrid Solution

National Mortgage Lender Boosts Financial Data Integration with a Hybrid Solution

 Commercial lending is on the rise and so are the challenges before banks and financial institutions. Fair share of these challenges comes from inability of loan providers to integrate and process loan data. Failure to bring in data timely from partners and vendors results in loss of lending opportunities.

Integration isn’t a “once and done” matter. For financial data integration to work well over time, ad-hoc changes are required over time for streamlining systems. Unfortunately, these ad-hoc changes often require crucial IT resources for implementation, resulting in loss of IT productivity.

A leading national mortgage lender was facing a similar problem, and needed a simplified process for improving data exchange cycle times with partners and business users. The lender was already using Adeptia Integration Suite for all internal integrations, but wanted to empower business users in making changes to integration workflows for external partners and free up IT resources for more productive tasks.

The lender ultimately found the answer in Adeptia Connect. It enabled business users to bring data from outward-facing systems and partners by using pre-built templates created by IT in a governance role.

This centralized and flexible hybrid integration solution sped up data onboarding operations between customers, vendors, and partners, ultimately leading to operational cost savings. The secure bridge allowed mortgage lender to safely pipe data from on-premise and cloud applications. This unique advantage helped in effectively managing product lifecycle of loan or loan requests initiated at multiple channels, i.e mobile, branch, web portal, etc.

Adeptia’s hybrid solution resulted in:

  • 30% cost reduction for processing changes to datasets
  • Huge drop in the turnaround time for changes
  • Increased security through a secure bridge and secure engine