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Nexxus Marketing API Integration

Adeptia allows companies to integrate their instance of Nexxus Marketing application with external systems and data sources.

As part of creating rich workflows to exchange data with Nexxus API, Adeptia fulfills several important business needs, including:

  • Integrating data from external data sources into the Nexxus Marketing database and applying your own data definitions and data transformations.
  • Quickly and easily load data—including Contacts, Facilities and Contact Responses—from other cloud and on-premise applications.

Here’s an example of how users can easily configure a workflow in Adeptia in order to automate data synchronization of Contacts through the Nexxus API interface.

First thing that the user does in Adeptia is provide the Nexxus API endpoint by configuring the Web Service Consumer activity. User provides the SOAP or REST endpoint and Adeptia does all the rest by connecting to that API and then marshaling all the API specific information such as the object types, operations and security policies.

Here’s an image of the API configuration in Adeptia.


Once the web service configuration is done, the next step is to create a data mapping microservice to map your source application data to Nexxus Contacts data object. Your source application can be any system such as a cloud or an on-premise application. Here I’m using a CSV data file and mapping it to Nexxus Create Contact method.

Refer to Nexxus API Create function for more details.

Nexxus API

And the final step is to now plug these activities or microservices into a pipeline and automate the data integration. The pipeline can be tied to a trigger that polls for new files and executes the pipeline whenever new files are dropped into a trigger folder.

Here’s an example of the pipeline or an orchestration with all the process steps starting from getting the file, validating the source data, mapping and then calling the Nexxus API and storing the API response in a target location.

Nexxus API

As these data integration processes are running, user has full visibility to the real-time process executions through several rich dashboards and monitoring screens as shown here.

data integration processes