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Onboard Customer Data With One Arm Tied Behind Your Back

One of the most crucial business operations for many companies can also be one of the most challenging: business-to-business data exchange.

If you’re in logistics, the performance of your service relies heavily upon carriers getting you accurate shipment notifications on a steady, reliable basis. If you provide payroll services, it’s absolutely crucial that you’re getting streamlined employee data from the employers you’re working for in order to do your job. If you’re in health insurance, your whole livelihood revolves around receiving accurate healthcare data from hospitals so you can perform your services for payers. In all these and many other scenarios, the challenge is always to figure out an automated way to get data from clients.

This is where Adeptia Connect comes in. Facilitating the exchange of business data between companies, Adeptia Connect provides a social network approach in which companies can quickly and easily publish shared connections which their partners or clients can then subscribe and connect to.

It couldn’t get any easier. Once a company has published on Adeptia Connect, hundreds of clients are instantly able to exchange data with them through that one connection. For different data feeds, it isn’t hard to publish specific connectors with individual routing and conversion rules. Connections can be application-specific, as well, meaning that they will automate instantly with a wide variety of clients’ platforms and systems. On top of this, connections can be made with on-premise applications where clients can securely send data from within their own local databases.

Adeptia Connect is particularly helpful for companies with “low-tech” clients in their business network who are unwilling to use expensive, complex methods or APIs to exchange information. A simple platform that offers instant connections for clients is the obvious solution. The huge value of Adeptia Connect is that, despite its simplicity, it has the sophistication to input data in any format, convert it, and map the data into backend systems — all without expensive or complex coding.

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