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Optimizing Profit Margins: Eliminating Integration Issues in a SaaS Based Pricing Engine

Online retail is dynamic as well as demanding where competitors are just a few clicks away. It is quintessential for retail companies to have a competitive pricing model that keeps them ahead of the competition. Wiser, an e-commerce service provider, helped such retail clients with pricing intelligence data gained after analyzing competitors’ pricing model and other relevant cost factors. However, its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based platform posed tricky operational problems while integrating with client facing IT environment. Adeptia Connect eliminated these intricate integration problems with advanced integration capabilities and enabled a path for fixing the right price.

The Crux of the Problem

The e-commerce solution provider’s SaaS-based application leveraged a host of analytics to enable clients in responding faster to price changes. More importantly, the system established cause and effect relationship of price changes to help businesses thrive across all channels. The rewards of this research were game changing but there were certain challenges to overcome. Here are some of the problems that Wiser faced:

Lack of Integration: Wiser’s Dynamic Pricing Engine used to sync with client’s IT system to correlate client’s pricing with similar products in the market. After this, the SaaS-based application made new price recommendations. However, heavy duty integration support was needed between the pricing engine and client’s IT system to make use of host of analytics.

Therefore, a mechanism was needed to integrate applications and bring operational data into the production line for effective decision making. The Saas Provider badly needed a mechanism to integrate cloud and non-cloud applications like Netsuite and Bigcommerce.

Manual Processes: Wiser was using manual methods to pull and push the data. It urgently needed a solution to automate the flow of business data. Moreover, a growing need for software was felt to seamlessly push and pull the data as per the requirement.

Adeptia’s One-to-Many Approach

To help Wiser in overcoming the data interchange problems, Adeptia used an industry proven, comprehensive and sustainable solution based on ‘One-to-Many Approach’: Adeptia Connect.

Established Instant Connections: The solution enabled the business users in publishing ‘Shared Connections (a pre-defined connection template) where connections can be set-up instantly and scheduled for production environments. This means that with only one shared connection, the client can set up integrations with thousands of application at clients location.

Orchestrated Data: With robust data transformation and data quality features, Adeptia Connect automatically pulled the data from NetSuite and BigCommerce applications. Moreover, it enabled business users in self-managing the customer onboarding operations and ensured only qualitative data for analytical research.

Like Wiser, businesses are now obsessed with the idea of analyzing their data and deriving valuable insights to get a competitive position. Telecom companies are using the insights to strengthen their communication network. Manufacturing firms need analytics to optimize product life cycles, replace worn out components and develop minimum viable products. Similarly, Pharmaceutical companies refer their data to accelerate drug discovery and deliver personalized medicine.

However, taking the risks out of analytics projects is challenging as a lot of connectivity issues persist during the operational research. Adeptia Connect is uniquely positioned to help businesses in their mission-critical projects by fixing the inherent data connectivity and integration issues. It is the best fit technology for extracting data from different sources, and map & transfer it in a comprehensible format to any source. The technology ensures that the trajectory of any analytical research is focussed to transforming lives, utilities, business operations and processes.