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Modernizing Legacy Systems: The Achilles’ Heel of Business Agility

Legacy systems refer to systems that have been operating in production for a long time. A multitude of organizations considers legacy system services as absolutely relevant as these systems were when first purchased. But, the truth is just otherwise.

Over time, legacy systems have become difficult to sustain. They’ve grown more complex, inefficient, and costly to maintain, essentially because these systems were deployed long ago. Their lifetimes were relatively short, which is why these systems have turned out to be dated and unresponsive to change.

Additionally, homegrown, custom-coded legacy solutions make the business infrastructure brittle and complex, negatively impacting return on investment and growth initiatives.

Enterprises, large or small, are faced with the most difficult dilemma: whether to discard & replace legacy systems with newer systems that could streamline business operations effectively.

Why Show Legacy Systems the Door?

While replacing legacy systems with modern technology such as EDI involves large upfront costs etc., the benefits may outweigh the cons.Some of most common benefits offered by modern technologies, such as EDI, over legacy systems are:

Ready to Scale: Legacy systems are more straight-jacketed, to begin with. With a “start and stop strategy” working principle, it allows companies deal with change in big chunks by making necessary changes, then stop until the wave of necessary changes come along.

However, that is not how the world of business runs anymore. Such intermittent changes leave organizations with systems that last until the next period of change, weighing them down in a bizarre, cumbersome, messy, and time-consuming model.

Fortunately, modern EDI integration technology can help enterprises embrace change and scale up effectively.

With a centralized platform, EDI integration solutions can help companies streamline their business-exchange processes to meet customer requirements in toto, fostering strong customer relationships for growth.

By making continuous improvements, EDI helps make positive changes to IT systems instead of getting stuck in waiting mode, thus improving IT productivity. Even better, EDI is well-suited for data-oriented digital changes, discouraging myopic views that can prove detrimental to an enterprise’s growth and revenue.

More secure: Modern EDI technology offers greater security than a legacy system. By eliminating manual as well as customization processes, EDI improves the quality of data, making it more secure for extracting accurate insights. All the data transfers occur through encrypted connections which weren’t the case with legacy systems.

Cost-effective to manage: Legacy systems are not flexible, scalable or efficient, and managing applications in a legacy system is difficult. Consequently, these age-old systems are expensive to manage and maintain. A modern technological solution such as EDI, on the other hand, allows companies to limit their overhead costs through automation.

Legacy systems give rise to delays in generating revenue caused due to lengthy onboarding structure. Such delays can be minimized by using modern solutions that make onboarding up to 80% faster, thus accelerating order-to-cash and speeding time-to-value.

Welcome Modern EDI

Modern EDI platforms help companies conduct business operations seamlessly through automated data exchange and streamlined communication. It helps enterprises become ready for the change happening in business world, enhance security, and also alleviate costly errors by consolidating integration among systems. EDI integration enables companies replace their legacy systems and ensure that they can make adequate changes without disturbing existing business workflows and processes to drive growth, revenue, productivity.

Adeptia Connect helps companies automate their EDI processes to connect, transform, and route transactions through their ecosystem without much operational overhead. Replace your legacy systems with our EDI integration platform and witness the difference.