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Simplifying Partner Data Exchange

Adeptia offers an enterprise B2B solution for businesses to exchange data files with all external partners and customers. The overall purpose of the solution is to provide shared technology service for the internal business users looking for an easy way to exchange data files with partners and having an easy way to track and monitor all the transactions through a common B2B platform.

Adeptia facilitates partner data exchange through the following features:

  • Creation and management of Partner profiles – one place to setup partners, types of files that need to be exchanged, their formats and frequency.
  • File transfer capabilities – via FTPS/SFTP, web portal, email, file upload and app connectors.
  • Any-to-Any data transformations, validations, cleansing, error processing capabilities.
  • Data file routing to back end systems.
  • Event notifications to Partners and internal users.
  • Dashboards and analytics around data exchanges.
  • Logging and auditing capabilities around data exchanges.
  • Visibility into status of file exchanges – both for company and partners.
  • Role-based security and secured data exchanges.
  • Ability to scale up to support demand accordingly.

Adeptia_Partner_Data_Exchange(Figure: Partner Data Exchange supported by Adeptia B2B architecture)

In Adeptia, business users can setup pre-configured transaction templates specific to the type of data exchange that is needed for trading partners. For example, Order to Cash template would allow trading partners to send Order files and these files can be automatically converted into a format that can then be consumed by backend applications. B2B Dashboards can show the number of transactions executed recently and show the status and errors generated during the transaction runtime.

Another key feature of the Adeptia B2B platform is the support for different data formats such as Excel, CSV, EDI, Positional, XML and JSON. The support for various formats provides greater flexibility to Partners to send data based on their preferred format and the transaction template would automatically convert the inbound data into the desired output format.

Along with data formats, Adeptia also supports various protocols that the Partners can choose to send the data to the hub. For example, Partners can upload the file through the Connect portal or configure an SFTP event to send files whenever new files are placed into a folder. Another transport mechanism is Email whereby Partners can send data files as attachments to a designated email address defined by the hub.

The type of data conversions that can happen on the data can vary based on the business scenario. For example, data can be cleansed and enriched through the built-in data mapper interface. Users can specify If/Else conditions, define lookup rules and filter erroneous records based on certain conditions. Users can test the data maps before committing them into a transaction template.

To know more about Adeptia’s B2B solution, please contact [email protected]