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Why is Adeptia Better in EDI Integration than Anyone Else?

Adeptia provides a rich B2B Trading Partner Management platform as part its B2B Integration Suite that allows companies to exchange and integrate EDI and non-EDI messages with ease. Our architecture from the ground up is designed for business users or non-technical users to automate integrations without having the need to allocate expensive IT resources to implement those solutions. It provides a centralized platform to integrate and connect EDI messages with any application without having to write any code.

Software packages from our competitors are meant exclusively for IT developers and require experienced programmers to figure out how to build a solution using their applications. Moreover these applications generate proprietary code which makes the cost of moving to another integration platform very expensive and by the same token the effort to maintain that code going forward becomes extremely difficult.

I like to label our competitors as dinosaurs in an age where flexible and business user friendly software is required to address integration challenges. Adeptia is different because our application is meta-driven, our software does not generate code, it has a small foot-print and is meant for business users to configure services through a web browser based graphical interface that allows setting up of trading partners in minutes.

Here are some of the key features of the Adeptia B2B Integration Suite:

  1. Configure Trading Partners in minutes
  2. Configure both Inbound and Outbound data relationships with Trading Partners
  3. Create EDI Data Mappings through graphical mapper interface without writing code
  4. Pre-bundled EDI standards such as 5010, 4010 to support all message types
  5. Auto generate transactional acknowledgements which are automatically sent to clients
  6. Rich Dashboards to search, monitor and track EDI messages and handle errors
  7. Meta-driven SOA architecture supports code free configurations of services
  8. Integrate with any SaaS or on-premise enterprise applications or databases
  9. Pre-bundled adapters to connect to ERP, CRM and other backend systems
  10. Wizard-based migration to promote services from development to production

There are additional features such as a centralized B2B repository which makes managing of client data relationships with ease without disrupting other client setups. For example a standard mapping to process EDI 850 or EDI 810 can be used for all the clients that are sending those purchase orders or invoices rather than creating individual mappings for each client. Moreover a standard map can be copied and modified for a specific client’s needs. Adeptia is a SOA based platform where reusability and creation of services is entirely standards based and provides easy management of maps and configurations through a web browser based user interface.

Moreover the Trading Partner interface also allows users to handle non-EDI X12 data files such as XML, Flat files, Excel and Fixed Length. We have seen that companies cannot dictate to their clients what type of data they can accept or deliver and therefore it is important to accept any type of data with ease. Thus Adeptia’s B2B Integration Suite allows companies to handle any type of data without restricting to supporting only EDI X12 formats.

Here are two examples of companies that are using the Adeptia B2B Integration Suite belonging to two different verticals, one a major transportation and logistics company and second a health care software solutions company. The logistics company uses the product to process inbound EDI 210 (Motor Carrier Freight Details) and generate outbound EDI 214 (Shipment Notice). They have setup hundreds of trading partners to automate the processing of the messages and all these mapping configurations are done by business users. Similarly the health care solution provider has setup online public exchanges for each State to connect consumers with health care insurance programs offered by large carriers. The company receives HIPAA EDI 834 (Benefit Enrollments) from consumers through online public exchanges which are then validated and routed to the selected insurance carrier.

Purpose of providing the above examples is to show you that the Adeptia B2B Integration Suite can be used by any company belonging to any line of business that requires a software that provides all the enterprise class features to enable business users or ‘Citizen Integrators’ to automate and manage EDI messages with ease.

Here’s a video on how to setup B2B Trading Partners and automate the exchange of EDI messages.