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Why Customers Choose Adeptia Connect for Enterprise Integration

Why Customers Choose Adeptia Connect for Enterprise Integration

Adeptia Connect is a state of the art, enterprise-level integration solution that lets you perform secure, Any-to-Any integration in a hybrid IT environment. Adeptia Connect gives power to your business users and lets them onboard customers and partners with a no-code approach, thus freeing up IT users for more productive tasks.

5 Reasons Customers Choose Adeptia Connect

Over time, our customers have shared feedback on how Adeptia Connect is making them realize their business and revenue goals. We consolidated that feedback to come up with top 5 reasons why customers choose Adeptia Connect for their integration needs.

Makes You Easier to do Business With: Focusing on enterprise-level integration, Adeptia Connect offers self service partner onboarding with a no-code approach. Business users can self manage electronic data interchange at improved speed. Teams can take advantage of this feature and reduce onboarding cost by up to 70%.

Puts IT in a Governance Role: Adeptia Connect’s centralized platform smooths the way for IT teams by eliminating integration complexities. Pre-built templates provide a rock solid foundation for connecting multiple IT points, thus giving IT greater control over enterprise IT and more time to focus on other IT issues.

Optimizes Resources and Lowers Cost: Integration at every point and every layer reduces the cost by 80% and increases profit margins by 20%. Teams can infuse strategic reusability across the IT environment, reach revenue goals faster and become more profitable.

Comprehensive Any-to-Any Integration Backbone: Any-to-any connectivity is an out-of-the-box functionality of Adeptia Connect. The platform scales rapidly as per evolving technology and business needs. The functionality is built on top of industry-standard schemas and API capabilities.

Faster Deployment and Safer Data Exchange: The flexible architecture is web-based and doesn’t require any additional architecture. It provides an agile and secure bridge for faster deployment and secure data exchange.

Leading organizations are factoring these capabilities into their modernization initiatives and staying ahead of the curve. You can use these features to reorganize your IT where several processes and applications co-exist.