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Why Do Companies Need to Reimagine Their Customer Data Integration Approach?

Why Do Companies Need to Reimagine Their Customer Data Integration Approach?

The IT landscape is undergoing an enormous shift with the explosion of data, APIs, mobile, SaaS, and cloud services and applications. With more ways to connect than ever before, organizations are finding it more than necessary to change the ways in which they communicate and collaborate with prospective and existing customers. Important information is scattered across myriad departments and numerous applications, services, databases, and systems. 

Organizations that can reimagine their customer data integration approach will handle the impact of this shift and improve their ease of doing business.

In this blog post, you’ll find out how companies can leverage reimagined solutions to integrate customer data in minutes and consequently drive business faster. But before that, you must understand why handling customer data is difficult. 

Customer Data is Frustrating

Integrating customer data effectively can be challenging. As per a report conducted by Wayne W. Eckerson in conjunction with TDWI, the primary issue with data is that it degenerates, turning outdated in less than a month due to changes on the customer side and errors related to data entry, system migrations, and shifts in source systems. These changes and errors can make data inaccurate and inhibit the quality of customer interactions over time. 

By leveraging modern data integration solutions, businesses can tackle these problems in a wink. Truth is, a reimagined customer data integration solution can help companies consolidate complex, bi-directional data feeds at the speed of business. With features like pre-built application connectors, shared templates, dashboards & intuitive screens, it allows all business users in a company to integrate customer data without delay. Further AI and ML technologies enable business users to map and integrate data securely. As a matter of fact, companies can leverage these solutions to automate data-driven operations, thus ensuring authenticity and security across the board. 

Reimagine Your Customer Data Integration Approach 

Companies need to reimagine their customer data integration approach to facilitate a consistent and accurate view of their relationship with the customer. Such solutions enable non-technical business users to garner data about customers from disparate systems in various departments within a business and assemble it in a single location without delay, making it easily accessible to multiple departments. This way, companies can get rid of the problem of data silos. 

Many of these solutions offer self-serve capabilities that enable even non-technical business users to create data connections and integrate new customers in minutes instead of months. Non-technical users can onboard customer data up to 80% faster, thus improving organizations’ ease of doing business. 

As business people (with albeit minimal technical expertise) gain access to all information, their decision-making ability improves drastically. Accurate customer data proffers businesses the insight they need to make well-informed decisions. While business users create data connections with customers, IT users are freed to focus on more important tasks and take up the role of governance instead. 

By enabling companies to make better business decisions, companies can easily meet and exceed their customer requirements and deliver the promised value. That can help businesses delight their customers; such happy customers are more likely to stay with the business and purchase additional products or services. As a result, companies can accelerate revenue and grow their market share.