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Core Features

Prod/Non-Prod Environments



1p / 1np

1p / 2np

More non-prod environments can be purchased

Production environment CPU cores





Size of production infrastructure supporting overall processing capacity. Additional cores can be purchased as needed.

Production runtime containers (2 CPU cores each)





Number of included runtime containers for job processing capacity. Additional runtime containers can be purchased to increase throughput of concurrent jobs and add redundancy.

Dedicated setup with own virtual network (VNET)

Adeptia app is deployed in dedicated cloud infra with Kubernetes cluster for client; has VNET to extend internal network to Adeptia app in cloud

High-availability setup across zones

High-availability, redundant, multi-region setup for mission-critical scenarios

Managed by Adeptia in Azure Cloud

Deployed and managed in Microsoft Azure Cloud by Adeptia

Option for self-managed / on-premises deployment

Option for customer to deploy Adeptia Connect in their own environment instead of managed by Adeptia in cloud






External entities such as customers, partners, suppliers, vendors with whom data connections are setup. No restriction on number of data connections per partners.






Named users who may access the Adeptia application

Technical Support





Gold-level technical support is 8×5 via email, phone, and support website. Platinum-level 24×7 support available.

Use Cases

Self-Service Integration

Business and operations users, analysts, and data scientists can configure, create, run and manage integrations.

Data Integration / ETL

Adeptia has been on Gartner’s MQ for Data Integration for multiple years.

Application Integration / APIs / ESB

Real-time integrations and data sync between applications using APIs, Web Services, and Message Queues

B2B Integration (EDI)

Industry-leading B2Bi solution with pre-built EDI libraries and partner management

Business Ecosystem Integration

Centrally manage integrations with business ecosystem of customers and partners

Connectivity Portal for Partners

Ideal for creating partner or supplier portal with external user management

Publish APIs and Web Services

Enable services-oriented architecture/API based integration approach by publishing services library of business functions

Data Preparation

Enable business users and analysts to perform data prep tasks and simple data access configurations

Cloud Integration and Migration

Integrate between cloud apps and on-premises systems or migrate data to cloud apps or cloud storage for analytics

User Experience

Business Application

Includes all attributes of business application, such as web-based UX, system of record, collaborative environment for users and IT.

Management Portal

Web-based access for monitoring, maintenance, logs, dashboard, reporting, and exception handling. Includes access for viewer-only business users.

Developer Users

Developer and IT users manage application, implement integrations during design time and monitor status during run time.

Business/Operations Users

Self-service capability for business users to manage partners; use wizards to create data connections and monitor status in the dashboard

External Partner Users

Add on

Add on

Provide collaborative yet secure environment for external partner users to manage their profiles, set up their own part of the data connections and monitor status in dashboard

Alerts and Notifications

Automated email alerts and notifications based on events and errors to pre-emptively address problems before business impact

Dashboard and Logs

Easy-to-use dashboard and detailed logs to view run-time status, monitor trends, check errors and handle exceptions

Environment Migration Utility

Easy-to-use, visual utility to select objects and process flows to migrate from DEV to TEST to PROD environments

Organize Work into Projects

Organize process flows and objects into projects to separate different work streams and initiatives

KPI Dashboard

Extract, record and track key business metrics and data points embedded in your business data as it is processed in Adeptia


Use GIT or SVN as source code control system for managing life cycle of objects in Adeptia

External Identity Mgmt and Single Sign On (LDAP, SAML, SSO)

Add on

Rich features for using client’s own identity user management solution and/or allow Adeptia application access directly from client’s own portal

Private Label UI

Customize and private label UI for users, remove Adeptia labeling.

Granular Access Control, Custom Roles

Add on

Manage user roles and ability of those roles to create, view, update, and delete different objects, and access different capabilities

Custom Forms and Reports

Add on

Extend the UI with customized forms to support business-specific workflows, etc. Sencha Architect (3rd party tool) is required.

Unlimited Logs and Log Archival

Two weeks

Archive logs and temp files automatically for later analysis, auto-cleanup

Architecture and Performance

Web-Based Dev Env and Design Studio

Web-based design studio for developer and IT users to manage and implement integrations and connections. No need for IDE, such as Eclipse.

Check Points, Error Recovery

High reliability and data loss prevention during run time via automated check points to enable recovery of running jobs in case of unexpected system failure

Object Config Wizards

Easy-to-use configuration wizards for creating data connections and integrations

Online Object Repository

Centralized object repository of all configurations and code enables collaboration and metadata based architecture.

Reusable Maps and Objects

Modularized and metadata-based architecture where object config is rule-based, not code-based, allows high degree of reuse.

Schema and Metadata

Rich data parsing capability for dozens of formats, including data validation rules

Impact Analysis

View lineage and object reuse information to analyze impact of changes

Process Designer

Web-based, visual, drag-and-drop, code-free, BPMN-compliant process designer to create process flows (data pipelines)

Orchestration and Routing

Powerful process engine allows complex orchestration of object execution and routing of data.

Custom Plugins and Extensions

Extend functionality by adding your code via custom plugins or call external applications as part of process flow execution.

Dynamic Context-Based Flows

Content-based routing to simplify design of integrations by using one process flow to handle similar processing of data for multiple data sources

Fork Child Flows and Sub Processes

Simplify design of complex integrations by segmenting process flows into sub-processes by forking child flows.

Unlimited Internal Integration Data Flows

Up to 10

Create and configure data flow pipelines for internal integrations

Large File Data Ingestion

Streaming Mode Processing (1GB+ files)

Add on

Add on

Process (parse, validate, transform, generate, load) very large, flat or hierarchical, text or XML files ranging from 1GB to 100GB+

Encryption at Rest

Ensure PCI/PII compliance with end-to-end data encryption, including at rest of business data files, temporary data and archived data

Tenant Boundary for Isolation and Performance SLAs

Add on

Assign separate runtimes to different partners or data flows to isolate performance impact and meet SLA compliance requirements

Enterprise-Class Security

Certified for secure coding best practices, penetration testing, vulnerability scans, and software composition analysis

Enterprise-Class Performance

Certified for high-volume data and transaction volumes; performance benchmarks published and available

Enterprise-Class Reliability

Certified for highly reliable runtime performance, auto-recovery, data loss prevention, etc. Redundancy requires clustered setup.

Data Integration

Visual Data Mapping

Web-based, visual, drag-and-drop, code-free data mapper for specifying data transformation rules

AIMap (AI-based Data Mapping)

Powerful and highly effective ML-based data transformation suggestions to reduce effort and improve accuracy. Uses your existing data mapping rules to learn and give field mapping suggestions, including complex rules along with one-to-one rules.

Hierarchical, Many-to-Many Mapping

Implement complex maps for hierarchical data and multi-source to multi-target scenarios

Mapping Lookups, Value Maps

Implement data mapping rules with external lookups and value map tables

Data Chunk Processing

Process (parse, validate, transform, generate, load) large data sets (up to 1GB) by automatic chunking and merging

Triggers and Events

Real-time and event-based trigger to start process flow executions

Time- and Event-Based Scheduler

Built-in scheduler to trigger process flow executions based on time or polling events

Data Interface Wizard

Wizard to implement typical data integration and B2B scenarios in minutes with minimal steps

Routing of Error Records

Route exception and errored records into separate path for quick access, error-fixing, and resubmission

Unstructured Data Parsing

Add on

Add on

Add on

Extract, parse, normalize, and transform unstructured and semi-structured data from complex Excel and PDFs

Application Integration

Web Services/API Publisher

Implement and publish REST and SOAP Web Services and APIs

Web Services/API Client

Call and consume REST and SOAP Web Services and APIs

Forms to Consume WS/APIs

Create and publish rich Forms in Adeptia as front-end to enable easy use of Web Services/APIs

API Documentation

Auto-generated API documentation using Swagger. Enables API visualization and discovery.

B2B Integration

Partner Management (PM)

Rich, comprehensive, extensible partner management capabilities.

EDI, HIPAA Formats

All formats and versions of EDI, HIPAA, and many other standards available to clients at no extra cost

B2B Message Tracking

Rich B2B and EDI dashboard with powerful search capabilities to monitor and track all partner data flows

Partner-to-Partner Exchange

Add on

Add on

Configure transactions or integrations directly between partners, such as between customers and vendors. Enables a marketplace exchange or VAN type of capability.

SecureBridge Agent for Partners

Access data directly from behind partner firewalls with remote agent to enable automated, end-to-end data flows


Base Connectors


Protocols (File/disk, FTP/SFTP/FTPS, HTTP/S, email) and Formats (Text/CSV, EDI, XML, Fixed Length, JSON)


Includes Excel file formats such as .XLS and .XLSX


All databases included, such as MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, and others. Just need JDBC driver.


Connect with any message queue via JMS, such as Apache MQ, MQ Series, etc.


Tight integration with Kafka event streaming platform to send/receive Kafka messages. Configure Kafka Account, Trigger/Listener, Target etc., and use in Adeptia process flows and transactions.

Azure Blob

Tight integration with Azure Blob file storage to send/receive files. Configure Azure Blob account for use in Adeptia process flows and transactions as source, destination, trigger, etc.

App Connectors





Select any 2 from — Web Services Client/Consumer, Salesforce, NetSuite, MS Dynamics CRM, Quickbooks, SharePoint, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Google Apps, OData, Quickbooks, Zero, Amazon SimpleDB, Hubspot, Magento, Shopify, BambooHR, plus others. No limits on how many times a connector can be used across different integrations/accounts.

Premium Connectors





SAP, RosettaNet Implementation Framework (RNIF).

Peyman Aleagha

We found Adeptia integration technology as a best fit for our strategy of centrally managing all our Multiple Listing Service (MLS) interfaces within one solution. The Adeptia solution is attractively priced, is easy to manage and provides outstanding value.

Peyman Aleagha

Founder and CEO, RealitySoft

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