Case Study

Case Study

Manufacturing: Adeptia Streamlines Order Processing

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Escaping the Order Capture Nightmare

Operations were neither smooth nor seamless when it came to receiving and processing orders for garment labels, a major department within the manufacturing firm. With hundreds of customers submitting orders in approximately 50,000 different formats, the company was facing an order processing nightmare.

After evaluating several tools, the company chose Adeptia’s automated order capture solution. Adeptia enables the company to receive orders from any source (including APIs, XML, web services, cloud applications, portals, etc.) and in any format (for instance, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transactions, Excel spreadsheets, PDFs, Word documents, email attachments, etc.). The system dynamically reviews the order data according to defined rules and alerts a customer service representative in the event that additional information is required. Once an order is complete and validated, it is automatically translated and mapped into the backend ERP system for processing.

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