Case Study

Case Study

 Leading US Bank: Adeptia Simplifies Integration Connectivity

One Architecture, One Platform, One Source of Truth

A leading bank in the U.S. faced serious problems while delivering administrative services to investment managers and financial institutions. There were legacy systems in place that failed to manage piles of data sent by clients in multiple formats.

The bank soon developed a complex web of custom coding applications to aggregate, access, and validate data as per business rules. However, with this approach, mapping the data and uploading it into the back-end system became an extremely labor-intensive job for the bank. At the same time, resurrecting data format and replicating sources of truth prevented the business and IT teams in getting relevant and updated data. 

The bank needed an automated and centralized architecture to resolve complexity, accelerate data processing, and remove manual errors. To address these problems, the bank chose Adeptia, whose enterprise-class integration software quickly configured connections to enable the bank in streamlining and managing the administrative services from start to end.

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