Case Study

Case Study

Reusable Self-Service Templates Cut Enrollment Times

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Major Insurance Provider Uses Adeptia to Reduce Customer Enrollment Times

About the Company

Industry: Life insurance and group benefits company, providing life and healthcare insurance, along with investing and retirement services to millions of customers.
Employees: 5,000-10,000


  1. Accelerated Customer Onboarding:
  • New customers are onboarding in just weeks, a 50% reduction in benefits onboarding time.
  1. Freed up IT Experts:
  • The company’s non-technical business users are able to use Adeptia templates to quickly map incoming EDI files, relieving the burden on IT experts.
  1. Shortened Enrollment Times:
  • By using Adeptia to automate the sharing of information, enrollment times are shortened across the ecosystem of providers.

The Challenge

The company was trying to penetrate a large market arena, but companies didn’t want to spend the time and resources required to map to its format. The company’s onboarding and integration team had to spend $200K internally each year to have IT developers complete the integrations and create custom files, which improved the overall benefits enrollment process for its clients. Prior to Adeptia’s involvement, the company’s customer onboarding team had to rely on IT developers to complete integrations, which resulted in a perpetual backlog of 3-6 months to onboard new customers.

Before Adeptia

The company’s skilled IT developers were responsible for group benefits onboarding. The annual cost of IT assistance to onboard new customers was $200K and took 3-6 months. There was a perpetual backlog of customers waiting to be onboarded. High IT and operational costs were spread across multiple groups.

Partnering with Adeptia

The company uses Adeptia for its client onboarding and integration of EDI and HIPAA transactions that support 834 Benefit Enrollment and Maintenance for dental, vision and life insurance. Thanks to Adeptia, they have been able to reuse templates thousands of times to onboard more than 7,000 businesses, integrating enrollment data from benefits administration providers such as Employee Navigator, eCentral, Workday HCM, ADP Workforce Now, and many others. The company also uses Adeptia to send data to third-party benefits providers in their required formats

The Business Value

Now, the company’s EDI analysts (non-technical business users) leverage Adeptia templates to quickly map incoming EDI files (in standard and custom formats) to the company’s enrollment admin system. The result? New customers are onboarded in just weeks – a 50% reduction in benefits onboarding times. The company’s enrollment admin system serves as a single source of truth for downstream billing and claims adjudication platforms, with Adeptia automating data mapping throughout the lifecycle of its benefits plans. The company also uses Adeptia to automate the sharing of enrollment information with third-party medical benefits providers to shorten enrollment times across the ecosystem of health benefits providers that it leverages to serve its customers. Finally, the company promotes Adeptia as a competitive advantage, which they advertise on their website as enabling real-time data exchange with key benefits administration platforms.

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