Employ Self-Service to Expedite Data Integration

Employ Self-Service to Expedite Data Integrations

Self-service integration technology is enabling organizations elevate levels of productivity by empowering all business users to harness the true potential of data with minimum reliance on IT. By doing so, these next-gen approaches allow users deliver maximum value to customers and ultimately become easier to do business with. Ergo, self-service-based solutions have helped organizations provide faster value to their external network without excessively relying on their IT teams.

One of the main problems of conventional B2B customer and supplier digital data integration is that the underlying data and details are so complex that it becomes for companies to embody them into self-service experiences. That’s where Adeptia Connect comes into play.

Speed Up Your Data Integration with Self-Service

Adeptia Connect adopts a self-service data integration approach to enable business users and customers kick start their revenue streams and ensure maximum customer delight by setting up digital data connections rapidly. And all this can be done without end-to-end IT intervention. This puts every business user in charge and speeds up data integration while also freeing up highly skilled IT integration developers to focus on other strategic projects.

Essentially, Adeptia Connect is an enterprise-class software platform that includes features such as pre-built application connectors, shared templates, monitoring dashboard, and more to empower every business user (non-skilled ones) to easily perform complex data integration tasks such as digitally onboarding customer data feed connections, facilitate on-going digital integration, transactions, and trade among other types of data disparate value chain systems. Additionally, it encompasses a web-based data exchange platform that simplifies various tasks like configuration, monitoring, and governance of B2B and internal data movement and collaboration.

By eliminating the complexity of data integration solutions, Adeptia Connect can not only empower non-technical users to rapidly create connections but also reduce the burden on IT teams. As a result, the people that reside in an organizations’ value chain systems (including business users, customers, and IT) spend less time waiting on others to drive their business forward.