Infographic: Onboarding Employee Benefits Plans Faster

Onboarding Employee Benefits Plans Faster

Customer data onboarding is complex and frustrating. Companies have to onboard data faster to streamline customer journey. The smoother the journey goes, the sooner the customer realizes the value that they are seeking. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Onboarding bi-directional data feeds is complex, frustrating, and time-consuming. Companies have to manage multiple data formats, data access methods, and exception handling while onboarding customer data. As a result, customers have to wait weeks, sometimes even months, and that leads to a poor customer experience. Customers become unhappy as revenue is delayed, and are likely to churn. The dissatisfaction spreads like wildfire in the form of negative word-of-mouth recommendations. This can be very detrimental to a company’s growth strategy as customer onboarding influences vital metrics like loyalty, referrals, and profitability.

Adeptia’s self-service data onboarding solution reduces complexity and delays in onboarding with streamlined data exchange through a business application. 

This onboarding solution uses a self-service approach to empower business users and allow them to onboard customer data faster without relying on expensive IT resources. This has a direct impact on IT productivity as IT teams become free to take up more strategic tasks.

By empowering business users and ensuring 80% faster onboarding, companies can deliver delightful customer experiences and make their brand easy to do business with. Customers can savor the “First Success” experience faster, which leaves them satiated and happy.  As a result, companies’ retention rate increases by leaps and bounds. Higher retention rate has a direct impact on ROI. Statistics reveal that only a 5% increase in customer retention can accelerate revenue by 25-95%.

With 80% faster client onboarding, businesses can delight more customers, become easy to do business with, and fast forward revenue.  

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