White Paper

White Paper

Empower Business Users with Self-Service to Free Up IT Resources

Self-Service Integration - Frees Up IT Resources and Increases Productivity

Recent years of technology innovation have brought tectonic scale changes to business computing landscapes. Simultaneously, IT complexity is more rapidly expanding as enterprises are updating their communication channels and delivery platforms. As a result, enterprises are facing a harder time in integrating differentiated architectures and aligning them for greater business agility, optimized performance, better service delivery, and an improved customer experience.

Enterprises facing declining growth are the ones which can’t figure out ways to change the technology integration course. Successes in deploying self-service integration solutions powered by expanded integration template re-use, smart automation, and machine learning methods have resulted in dramatic efficiencies, productivity gains, and sustained competitive advantages for companies with significantly digitized data ecosystems that span multiple enterprises. Self-service shapes success by enabling enterprises to keep up with customer demands, become easier to work with, and accelerate cycle time to value.

Self-service integration solves many new and old technology integration problems. This whitepaper is an in-depth look at real-world business benefits of self-service integration and how it can help enterprises grab a bigger market share while delighting their customers.

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