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Salesforce is the world’s premier customer relationship management (CRM) system. But, even so, it can’t do everything. With information siloed in Salesforce, you may be hindered getting your data into your backend applications to automate business processes, particularly where interfacing with Salesforce is only one of the many tasks involved in the overall process. Likewise, human workflow tasks may be difficult to integrate and automate in your process flows.

Data control and possession is another issue, since there is no automated replication capability within Salesforce. If you want to enhance security by creating an archive copy of your Salesforce data, you need an alternative method of doing so. Fortunately, there is now a way to integrate, automate, replicate — and more — so that you can truly maximize your investment in Salesforce.

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The Smarter Way to Handle Complex Salesforce Integration Scenarios

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Uploading and Attaching Documents with Salesforce SOAP API

Uploading and Attaching Documents with Salesforce SOAP API

In this process flow, we are going to walk you through the steps of uploading salesforce documents via Salesforce SOAP API.

As an example, the process flow picks up a file from a source folder, encodes the file into Base64 binary, and finally uploads the file or attachment into a specific folder or record in Salesforce.

Cyril Driessen

The implementation of Adeptia fits perfectly with our business strategy because it enables us to differentiate ourselves from the competition in terms of quality and flexibility. The automation of manual order entry process with Adeptia has resulted in direct cost savings and quality improvement of the process.

Cyril Driessen

CEO, DeKlok Logistics

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