Business Process Management Problems Solved

Business Process Management Problems Solved

Process Design and Modeling

Business Process Management Problems Solved

Often important business processes and rules are not documented and they reside in people’s minds. This leads to dependence on certain key individuals who understand these rules, ad-hoc and inconsistent processes, improper application of the rules, and a large training challenge when new hires come in. The solution is to document the high-level and detailed business process flow, the business rules that are involved in the process flow and the tasks and related decisions in the various steps of the flow. Adeptia BPM provides an easy to use, web-based tool to do this effectively.

Process and Workflow Automation

Once the business process flow is documented it is natural to try to automate it. This is especially important for business processes that are repeatable and have a number of manual work steps and rules. Automating these processes is very easy with Adeptia.

Operational Efficiencies and Improvement

Many organizations know they have inefficient and manual processes that lead to slow work, mistakes and poor customer service. Fixing this is important because that leads to improved quality, operational efficiencies and increased productivity. Adeptia BPM is particularly well-suited for these types of initiatives.

Gaining Competitive Advantage

In any competitive industry, it is imperative to find ways of gaining tactical and strategic advantage. An important way to achieve this goal is by constantly working on making small, incremental improvements in processes by automating them more and more. Over time, this will build into a much more tightly run, well organized, highly automated operation that has a strong competitive advantage over its rivals. Adeptia BPM solution is designed to allow easy changes in current and new processes to make them better.

Consistency in Business Processes

An organization projects maturity, reliability and trust by ensuring that the business processes and rules that it executes are run the same way every time and all the time. This is only possible if an automated solution such as Adeptia BPM is utilized to design, model, execute, manage and track business processes.