Claims Onboarding Solution

Claims Onboarding Solution

Adeptia’s healthcare solution can identify and correct claims errors before they are processed.

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A Simple Graphical User Interface for Business, Plus Tools for IT Governance

As a result of acquiring technical toolsets, business cannot perform these functions on their own. They instead wait for IT to respond to their requests that can take months to resolve. Business cannot bill their clients until they are able to fix and send claims to Payers. The entire revenue model is based on IT’s resource availability and their priorities.

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Who are the custodians of the claims onboarding and billing process? Is it business, IT or both? We think it’s both. Adeptia believes that business should be able to perform business functions using a simple, graphical user interface that allows them to access incoming or backlogged claims, apply validation rules and utilize human workflows to review and correct data or reconciliation errors before sending them to Payers. Additional features such as dashboards to track pending claims that are flagged as exceptions with detailed error descriptions also play an important role in helping business deliver their services quickly and expedite the billing process. IT plays an important role through data governance by securing and providing access to the data.

Peter Mueller

Adeptia is one of the few single-platform complete integration vendors whose focus and offerings remain focused on integration.

Peter Mueller

Leader, Global Business Analytics, Lonza PharmaBiotech

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