Application Integration ESB

Application Integration (ESB)

Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Integration

Improve speed to market. Significantly reduce total costs of ownership. Fix database contention. Throw off the yoke of tightly coupled applications.

The reasons to undertake an application integration project and implement an enterprise service bus (ESB) within your company are many, but getting there can be difficult. More often than not, the road is paved by vendors offering custom-coded solutions and rafts of consultants, for hundreds of thousands — even millions — of dollars. Once you sign on their dotted line, it could be a highway to … never-ending toll booths.

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Adeptia Service Governance Model

Adeptia Service Governance Model

When it comes to Governance and Lifecycle Management, Adeptia provides multiple features as part of its solution for managing services and controlling the promotion of services from Development to QA to Production.

Chris Spring

By using the Adeptia solution, Meadowbrook was able to enhance customer satisfaction, improve cash flow, and reduce costs of repetitive manual human processes. For example, Meadowbrook reduced lag time in viewing the insurance claims loss information from 2+ months to 2 days.

Chris Spring

Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President, Business Operations, Meadowbrook Insurance Group

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