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Driving Business Value with Customer Data Integration

Driving Business Value with Customer Data Integration

The way companies do business and deliver value to customers is changing at a faster pace than ever before. Business workers and employees expect to be able to access data whenever and however they want, customers demand to receive the promised value sooner, and executives need to enable their employees to operate while reducing costs. And customer data integration solutions can make this possible. 

Customer data integration solutions enable businesses to implement data connections and add new customers – at the speed of business. It can be done in minutes instead of months through automation and self-service. By connecting with customers faster, companies can quickly identify their needs and wants and take the necessary steps to meet them. Ergo, they can delight their customers and ultimately accelerate revenue growth. 

Let’s see how these next-gen solutions help companies drive value. 

Onboards Customers Faster by up to 80 percent: Self-service-powered solutions enable non-technical users to onboard new customers faster by up to 80 percent. So, what took months before will take just minutes now. Users can point and click through easy screens to create data onboarding connections in minutes. Rapid advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms further enable these users to use the data for streamlining business transactions. 

Empowers Non-Technical Business Users: With automation and self-serve capabilities, customer data integration solutions can enable non-technical business users to create data connections and integrate new customers quicker than ever before. Features such as pre-built application connectors, shared templates, dashboards and intuitive screens, and AI-data mapping, can empower non-techie business workers to access and manage data – at speed and scale. They can create onboarding connections faster by up to 80 percent, from months to minutes. 

Frees up IT Headcount: By enabling non-technical business users to create customer data integrations, IT teams are freed to focus on their high-priority business projects. And, the need for companies to hire or manage expensive IT teams is no longer a roadblock. Companies can hand over the responsibility of executing data onboarding and data integration to non-technical business workers. At the same time, IT is freed to focus on governance and more strategic tasks. 

Delivers Delightful Customer Experiences and Accelerates Revenue Growth: When customers are onboarded faster by up to 80 percent, they can connect with business workers sooner. Their needs and wants are identified faster, and that helps companies deliver on them without risks of inaccuracies and delays. That ensures delightful customer experiences. And these delighted customers are more likely to buy more products or services from the company, which, in turn, creates new revenue streams. 

In short, modern customer data integration solutions enable non-technical business users to implement data connections in minutes while freeing IT to focus on more high-value tasks, thus delivering delightful CXs and growing revenue.