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Gain a Competitive Edge with a Modern Customer Data Integration Solution

How to Gain a Competitive Edge with a Modern Customer Data Integration Solution

Customer data integration (CDI) is a process that integrates and manages data about your customers gathered from different sources. It enables you to kickstart sales and create new revenue streams by identifying customers’ needs and requirements, mindsets, and pain points, so you can focus on marketing to and satisfying customers. 

However, poor data quality can add to your workload, disturb the customer experience, and lead to data breaches. But if you’ve got a robust data governance strategy, you can solve these problems. 

A customer data integration solution is a fundamental segment of your data governance strategy. Without such a solution, the process of analyzing and using data becomes extremely complex. To analyze the data, you need to access many sources to find out recent data, clean it, and upload it to a single report. 

A customer data integration solution enables businesses be customer-centric, offering positive customer experiences and delivering value. By creating data connections with customers faster, you can navigate customers’ needs and requirements, buying behavior, preferences, and pain points. 

This blog post highlights the benefits offered by modern customer data integration solutions.

1. Enable non-technical business users to implement data connections faster

Modern customer data integration platforms with self-service capabilities empower non-technical business users to implement data connections much more quickly and effectively. Using pre-built application connectors, shared templates, AI-data mapping, and dashboards, non-techie business users can implement business connections quickly, securely, and efficiently. 

2. Onboard customers 80 percent faster

Companies can rely on self-service data integration to empower non-technical business users to onboard customers 80 percent faster. These solutions can help business users point and click through easy-to-navigate screens to implement onboarding connections much more quickly. 

3. Deliver the value promised to customers faster

When businesses can connect with customers sooner, it becomes easy for them to identify and meet the needs and requirements of those customers. As a result, customers become satisfied with the service. These customers are more likely to invest in more products or services from the company and grow their lifetime value. 

4. Create new revenue streams faster 

Companies can increase customer delight and retention with the help of self-service data integration solutions. Now, when customers become satisfied, it’s more likely that they will buy more products or services from the company. Also, because the cost of retaining a customer is five times lower compared to acquiring a new one, overhead costs go down. All of this helps in accelerating revenue for the company. 

In short, to deliver value to customers and gain a competitive edge, you must adopt a self-service customer data integration approach.