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Identify Ways to Turn Passives into Promoters

The importance of customer feedback is as clear as crystal. That’s why many employ tools like Net Promoter Score (NPS) to identify whether their consumers are promoters, passives, or detractors of the brand.

While promoters are always in the spotlight, passives and detractors get left behind. However, in actuality, to draw more customers, organizations must pay attention to their passives and detractors as they have the strongest opinions about their product, service or brand.

In this blog post, you’ll find how passives can contribute to your NPS and how they can be turned into promoters by adopting several actionable tactics.

NPS and Passives

To find how passives can be turned into promoters, we must understand the specifics.


Passives, the third customer category on the NPS scale, are the ones that marketers are most likely to ignore. Passives are customers who rate your brand or company as a 7 to 8 out of 10. Since they are neither the lovers nor haters of your brand, chances are high that you might ignore them. It is worth mentioning that the NPS formula does not even include the number of passives, which is a clear indication of the reasons why passives get constantly overlooked.

Simply put, passives are people who are satisfied but unenthusiastic and are vulnerable to competitive offerings. Meaning, they may like the product or brand offered by you, but not quite enough to recommend it to anyone. As a result, a lot of companies or marketers underestimate or even ignore passives as the non-significant part of Net Promoter Score, viewing them as a segment of customers that aren’t much of a priority. In truth, at first glance, passives are neither an asset nor a liability to the business growth.

However, for the marketers that are growth-focused, passives are a unique opportunity. They make an effort to communicate with passives with the correct approach to turn them into an enthusiastic promoter.

How to Leverage Your Passives?

If you don’t want passives to turn into detractors, you need to take the right approach. Here are some actionable tactics that companies can use to convert their passive customers into enthusiastic promoters for their brand.

Interact with direct questions:As absurd as it might sound, it’s often easier to interact with a detractor than to communicate with a passive. This is because, detractors are more vocal about their interaction with the brand, while passives aren’t. The reason for this is simple – a detractor is not satisfied with your service or brand, which is why they are more likely to respond to you. However, passives are the ones who might not find your product useful or consider it as a major priority in their lives. An outreach email can feel more like “just another message” to them, and so they are more likely to ignore it.

The best way to interact with passives is with a direct or transparent message where there is no space for neutrality. Ask questions like, what you can do to enhance the quality of their experience, what they’d like to see in your product or service, what their requirements are, etc. Questions like these coupled with a human touch can help you successfully reach out to a passive customer and begin the process of turning them into a valuable promoter.

Find loopholes:You must find where you failed to delight your passives – whether onboarding involved complexities or system was not transparent enough. When you get to know what their expectations are and where do you lack, you can easily convert them into promoters. In addition, their feedback can be used to make your brand better. Thus, not only passives can be turned into reliable customers, your brand or service can also be improved or refined by paying heed to the loopholes.

Don’t ignore integration:Companies must have a reliable, integrated environment that helps them offer a delightful experience to customers. They can make use of modern integration platforms to keep a track of passives lifecycle, behavioral patterns, and points of overlap through improved data exchange and better communication. Attributes such as customer data onboarding and citizen integrator approach allow marketers to reach out to passives more by delivering delightful experiences. Integration solutions also enable companies onboard their customers faster by up to 80% using a self-service integration approach. This helps them build a strong impression in front of their customers.

Use these tactics to offer delightful experiences to minimize the chances of losing them (i.e. passives) to your competitors by positioning your product/brand at the forefront of their minds today!