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Self-Service Integration Is Key To Data Onboarding

Your onboarding solution has to fit the talent that drives and maintains your business process. Over-reliance on technical solutions that your team can’t access or use to modify business data puts you behind your competition. Delays in revenue, data discrepancies and reliance on IT to manage data onboarding are the key pain points we solve with Adeptia Connectâ„¢. We solve this problem by providing an interface that allows your non-technical users to establish and manage data onboarding relationships with your clients in a secure platform controlled by IT.

A key advantage of using Adeptia Connect is that it allows business users and not programmers in your company to establish data connections for your clients and trading partners to consume through a self-service integration wizard. There are so many different data onboarding use cases that can be solved through this unique approach.

For example, your company can publish a parts inventory connection and make it available in the cloud marketplace for your suppliers and allow them to easily connect with your company in minutes by using that connection. Once the connection is established, the business information between your company and your trading partners is exchanged automatically and securely.

This video is an example of how Adeptia Connect facilitates self-service integration between companies and trading partners.

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