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The Who, What, and Why of Using Adeptia For Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Scenarios

We love having conversations with our customers about the ways our product helps them do business. Recently, we’ve talked at length to three customers in particular who have elaborated upon their extensive use of Adeptia Solution in Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) scenarios. We wanted to share their details here:

Who: A NYSE publicly traded insurance company valued at $2.63B is using our Adeptia Solution extensively for integrating internal applications and B2B connections.

How: The process looks like this: Incoming MISMO (Mortgage Standard Files) or EDI files are received from customer or agents, and these files are received in the Websphere MQ. At this point, Adeptia picks these files using JMS events, processes, validates, and converts them into their proprietary data format (fixed length) to be routed to internal applications and databases. This is repeated with hundreds and sometimes thousands of files every day.

Who: A $2B Nebraska subsidiary of an Oil & Gas group is using AS (Adeptia Solution) extensively for integrating internal applications and B2B connections.

How: Thousands of PIDX (Petroleum Industry standard) or fixed length files are received every day from pipeline vendors or gas stations. These files are received in Oracle AQ message queue, and Adeptia picks these files using JMS events. Then, Adeptia Solution parses, normalizes and converts the files into the latest PIDX format and puts them back into Oracle AQ. At that point, their internal system picks up the data from Oracle AQ for further processing.

Who: A NYSE publicly traded company valued at $3B is using Adeptia Solution for integrating applications at on-shore and off-shore locations.

How: First incoming financials, supply change, HR, and assets data are sent from different applications and off-shore locations and received in ActiveMQ from PeopleSoft Integration Broker. After picking them using JMS events, Adeptia processes these files by sending them to the appropriate mapping for that record type and converts the XML, CSV, or text into database records. Data also flows between PeopleSoft and Java apps through TCP and HTTP connection to JMS. They have 76 AS process flows related to JMS message queues, and the volume is 3000+ messages per day

The most important question, however, isn’t who is using it or how. The most significant question is why companies are using Adeptia for their ESB needs. The answer to this question is that Adeptia’s ESB capabilities enable IT departments to be more productive and responsive to the needs of the business. With Adeptia, companies are able to increase their IT efficiency by empowering self-service integration for business users and increasing productivity through automatic exception-handling with human workflows and web forms. What’s more, companies using Adeptia are enabled to achieve a faster time to market by configuring app-to-app connections in minutes and achieve unmatched flexibility by deploying in the cloud or on-premise.

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