Data Conversions

Today’s businesses receive data in different layouts and formats. Therefore, business teams face rough challenges in bringing the data on time from different sources. Organizations must have strong data integration capabilities for accurately mapping data at both sides of information exchange without any disruption.

To seize a competitive advantage, businesses must be able to seamlessly map data between source and target. To streamline computer to computer exchange of data, Adeptia provides powerful capabilities to convert data from one format to any kind of format, i.e., CSV, XML, Fixed Length, Text, Semi Structured, etc.

Drag & Drop Interface: The web based interface of Adeptia enables business users to simply drag the source data and map it in the target database.

Auto Mapping: With the click of a button the user can map similarly-named fields.

Mapping Templates: Custom templates to converting data files which can also be reused for new data conversion scenarios.

In this video, we will show you how to quickly convert data from one format to another format.