Deploying Process Flows

Get Started: Deploying Process Flows is Easy with Adeptia Connect

View this video to know how to deploy a process using the powerful features of Adeptia Connect. This video features the process designer of Adeptia Connect which enables users to attach configured activities to the steps in the flow, configure a trigger event, and activate an event.

This tutorial covers:

  • Complete the Process Flow — Attaching configured activities to process flows in the designer.
  • Configuring a Trigger Event
  • Attach Event to a Process Flow
  • Activate the Event to Go Live

Speed of Innovation is the new benchmark: Deploy applications in three easy steps

  • Design: Harness the process designer interface of Adeptia Connect to create high level process flows.
  • Configuration:Configuration services enable users for creating schemas for source and target mapping. The user can also define exceptions and errors.
  • Deploy: In this final step, user can attach each of the configured activities to different steps in the flow. The user can also attach the process flow to trigger an event.

The intuitive interface provides a single view of deployed processes. From here, a user can access  and modify them with the help of Edit option as per the line of business requirements. Creating data connectivity with Adeptia Connect is extremely easy and enables process flows to go live in few minutes and not months.