Adeptia is an end-to-end application integration tool which enables simple ways to connect people, processes, and applications. Leading businesses across the globe are using the Adeptia framework for smoother and faster partner data exchange. A business user can totally rely on its performance to transfer files successfully with minimum disruptions.

The application integration architecture is based on Hub & Spoke Model that lets business users to connect  enterprises (hubs) with partners (spokes). The solution offers centralized application integration & governance framework that is simplified by its design for allowing you to seamlessly integrate applications and analyze data. It gathers organizational data from partner networks and securely integrates valuable pieces of data from new & old IT networks.

View this video to know how a user can leverage the flexible and cost effective architecture of Adeptia to design, configure, and deploy process flows for data exchange.

Design: The user can make use of custom made templates, and process designer interface to design a high level process flow as per distinct line of business requirements. In this stage, the user can define different activities or exceptions and specify how different steps can be routed.

Configure: The user can configure different services and automate different processes.The user can also configure schemas and mapping rules.

Deploy: The final step is deploying the solution, In this stage, the user can attach each of the configured activities to different steps of process flows. The process flows are attached to an event and triggers responses whenever a specific event occurs.