Overview of Events and Triggers

Overview of Events and Triggers

In this video, we will do a quick walk through of “Events and Triggers”  like FTP, HTTP, Message Queue, Email, Database, Web Services, Calendars and Schedules. These events are available as a part of Adeptia Suite. In the events category, Adeptia provisions different Events for different use cases.

These are some of the Events that allow users to pull data:

Calendar Event: This event can be used to schedule a job that can be executed at a specific time.

Complex Event: Allows you to script your own type of event.

Database Event: Enables User to write SQL Query and specify SQL triggers. The user can pull data from different tables. The user can connect to a database and write his own SQL.

File Event: Helps user to find an existing or new file, and modify it. The user can define the location of a file he is looking for.