Publishing Process Flow as a SOAP Web Service

Publishing Process Flow as a SOAP Web Service

Adeptia is a unique business processes management technology that provide clients with dexterous tools to create process flows. It provides easiest ways to build, create, automate, and manage process flows. The solution enables even non tech users to collaborate with business partners.

The solution offers powerful combination of workflow and data management functionalities that resolve the technicalities of siloed b2b applications and processes.

Creating processes with Adeptia is Simple

Without writing a single line of code the user can deploy powerful tasks. Moreover, the user can take the created flows to the next level and reuse them over and again.

In this tutorial we will publish a process flow as Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) Web Service. The system will also allow external webservice to call process flows within a service. As an example, we have created and published a process flow for Salesforce CRM.